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1import random
2import obimiRNA
4mirnaHSA = obimiRNA.ids('hsa')
6for pm in reduce(lambda x,y: x+y, [obimiRNA.get_info(m).pre_forms.split(',') for m in random.sample(mirnaHSA,3)]):                                   
7    pre_miRNA = obimiRNA.get_info(pm,type='pre')
8    print
9    print 'Pre-miRNA name: %s' % pm
10    print 'Accession Number: %s' % pre_miRNA.preACC
11    print 'Accession Number of mature form(s): %s' % pre_miRNA.matACCs
12    print 'PubMed accession number(s): %s' % pre_miRNA.pubIDs
13    print 'Pre-miRNAs clustered together with %s: %s' % (pm, pre_miRNA.clusters)
14    print 'Link to miRBase: %s' % pre_miRNA.web_addr
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