source: orange/Orange/OrangeCanvas/application @ 11392:2bddec091c91

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
tests 11309:7b2804352bbe   14 months ales.erjavec Fix a test when the WidgetsToolBox widget outlives the model's actions. …
tutorials 11383:8d835e91ac41   14 months blaz.zupan Classification tree analysis pipeline for widget tutorials. 64 bytes 11117:ded694b002e0   18 months ales.erjavec Added a WidgetToolBox class (toolbox with widget buttons grouped by … 1.7 KB 11122:652f979fd0a1   18 months ales.erjavec Added About widget dialog. 275 bytes 11125:9e3faa1de572   18 months ales.erjavec Added main application window widget. 59.6 KB 11392:2bddec091c91   13 months ales.erjavec Test the return value from 'new_scheme_from'. 10.4 KB 11243:e788addef69c   16 months ales.erjavec Implemented a different way to handle toolbox/canvas hover/selection help … 8.7 KB 11298:e4080ae13533   15 months ales.erjavec Fixed an AtrributeError if QFont does not have 'Monospace' hint flag. 5.5 KB 11227:32cfb556b1fd   17 months ales.erjavec Enable undo of Scheme Info changes. 15.2 KB 11320:4a8d643fe709   14 months ales.erjavec Added 'Open in external browser option' for widget help. 6.4 KB 11147:5ddec5f677c1   18 months ales.erjavec Fixed rejected open/browse actions in welcome dialog. 13.2 KB 11372:3c196fa6a03a   14 months ales.erjavec Fixed docstrings for widget toolbox.
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