source: orange/Orange/OrangeCanvas/canvas/items @ 11614:a4aa7f9b09fd

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tests 11230:6b81f21ec0e9   16 months ales.erjavec Use prettier arrows for ArrowAnnotation. 288 bytes 11332:bba90e55be6b   14 months ales.erjavec Removed unnecessary imports. 17.8 KB 11444:ec0f7723c7c2   13 months ales.erjavec Draw the Annotation placeholder text using the annotation's font. 13.5 KB 11274:601a5a575e52   15 months ales.erjavec Emit normalized control rectangles. 3.4 KB 11160:6bfea7812243   18 months ales.erjavec Refactored GraphicsPathObject and ControlPoint/Rect/Line into two new … 14.5 KB 11442:279d7a51ea1d   13 months ales.erjavec Fixes to canvas package documentation. 36.5 KB 11614:a4aa7f9b09fd   10 months ales.erjavec Refactored widget state messages handling. Moved the resposibility for … 3.8 KB 11207:8145a5984767   17 months ales.erjavec Fixed anchor point layout order reset while dragging (creating) a new …
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