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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
application 11387:1f8c6eab7b36   14 months ales.erjavec Added caching to help view browser.
canvas 11369:e9c95cc39be6   14 months ales.erjavec Added rst documentation for the canvas package. Fixing docstrings in the …
document 11373:8d82d0b53447   14 months ales.erjavec Renamed 'toogleZoom' to 'toggleZoom' (wrong spelling).
gui 11370:03af193a01d3   14 months ales.erjavec Moved 'icon' and 'title' property from ToolTree widget, to …
help 11320:4a8d643fe709   14 months ales.erjavec Added 'Open in external browser option' for widget help.
icons 11123:6d803a180097   19 months ales.erjavec Added SplashScreen widget
preview 11308:a646b4d963cc   15 months ales.erjavec Fixed scheme description text formating.
registry 11368:7de87de13b64   14 months ales.erjavec Added rst documentation for the registry package. Fixing docstrings in …
scheme 11385:e7830cfc198a   14 months ales.erjavec Added 'clear' method to Scheme class.
styles 11352:c0f09f998196   14 months ales.erjavec Fix css for main window separator.
utils 11342:6b6c71fa3af1   14 months ales.erjavec Small fixes for PyQt compatibility 1 bytes 10423:b6dca51a003e   2 years anze.staric Added missing files. 6.3 KB 11388:aa3090917151   14 months ales.erjavec Fixed 'config.cache_dir' location. 9.6 KB 11339:5a36b4786b06   14 months ales.erjavec Fix invalid stdout/stderr streams on windows when running without a …
orngCanvas.pyw 58.8 KB 11024:e7cba04312ff   18 months matija.polajnar Add-ons: more robust handling of the add-ons database. 29.0 KB 10827:8527a7511c4f   2 years mitar Support for widgets loading from modules, registered through entry point. 60.9 KB 11094:67f486d63faf   15 months ales.erjavec Running script in a subprocess. If the package uses … 34.2 KB 10831:4d7aed8471ea   2 years ales.erjavec Changed the order by which widgets are removed from the schema in 'clear' … 10.5 KB 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2) 2.0 KB 11089:c110dfb1b0e7   15 months ales.erjavec Fixed an error when showing help for add-on widgets. 8.6 KB 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2) 8.4 KB 11093:d1c2af85ace2   15 months ales.erjavec Capture stderr in the output window. (references #1276) 12.2 KB 11018:b7cbf2b86522   18 months matija.polajnar Rewrite the add-on support modules and GUI to support the new properly … 30.1 KB 10996:a7d40db57958   19 months ales.erjavec Fixed an error with undefined attributes when using old style channel … 32.0 KB 10823:572438ee5431   2 years ales.erjavec The canvas context menu now also enables widgets which can connect using … 21.1 KB 10733:e9a87e4e4a12   2 years ales.erjavec "Control - A" selects all widgets. 7.1 KB 11099:a98ee714623b   19 months ales.erjavec Added a basic icon loader.
WidgetTabs.txt 557 bytes 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2)
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