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Fixed problems due to refactoring of classification.rules

1""" This module implements argument based rule learning.
2The main learner class is ABCN2. The first few classes are some variants of ABCN2 with reasonable settings.  """
5from Orange.classification.rules import DefaultLearner
6from Orange.classification.rules import ABCN2
7from Orange.classification.rules import ABCN2Ordered
8from Orange.classification.rules import ABCN2M
9from Orange.classification.rules import ABBeamFilter
10from Orange.classification.rules import CoversArguments
11from Orange.classification.rules import SelectorAdder
12from Orange.classification.rules import ArgFilter
13from Orange.classification.rules import SelectorArgConditions
14from Orange.classification.rules import CovererAndRemover_Prob
15from Orange.classification.rules import avg
16from Orange.classification.rules import var
17from Orange.classification.rules import perc
18from Orange.classification.rules import EVDFitter
19from Orange.classification.rules import CrossValidation
20from Orange.classification.rules import PILAR
21from Orange.classification.rules import CN2UnorderedClassifier
22from orngABML import *
24#print createDichotomousClass
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