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1Features: <FloatVariable 'X1', FloatVariable 'X2', FloatVariable 'X3'>
2Classes: <FloatVariable 'Y1', FloatVariable 'Y2', FloatVariable 'Y3', FloatVariable 'Y4'>
3First instance: [0.628, 0.095, 0.652] (0.490, 1.237, 1.808, 0.422)
4Actual classes: [<orange.Value 'Y1'='0.490'>, <orange.Value 'Y2'='1.237'>, <orange.Value 'Y3'='1.808'>, <orange.Value 'Y4'='0.422'>]
5Majority predictions:
6[<orange.Value 'Y1'='0.514'>, <orange.Value 'Y2'='-0.587'>, <orange.Value 'Y3'='-1.666'>, <orange.Value 'Y4'='0.506'>]
7PLS predictions:
8[<orange.Value 'Y1'='0.613'>, <orange.Value 'Y2'='0.826'>, <orange.Value 'Y3'='1.084'>, <orange.Value 'Y4'='0.534'>]
9Multi-target Tree predictions:
10[<orange.Value 'Y1'='0.745'>, <orange.Value 'Y2'='0.994'>, <orange.Value 'Y3'='1.318'>, <orange.Value 'Y4'='0.518'>]
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