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1# Description: Ranking of attributes with two different measures (Relief and gain ratio)
2# Category:    preprocessing
3# Uses:
4# Referenced:  orngFSS.htm
5# Classes:     orngFSS.attMeasure, MeasureAttribute_gainRatio
7import orange, orngFSS
8data = orange.ExampleTable("voting")
10print 'Relief GainRt Attribute'
11ma_def = orngFSS.attMeasure(data)
12gainRatio = orange.MeasureAttribute_gainRatio()
13ma_gr  = orngFSS.attMeasure(data, gainRatio)
14for i in range(5):
15  print "%5.3f  %5.3f  %s" % (ma_def[i][1], ma_gr[i][1], ma_def[i][0])
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