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1age prescription    astigmatic  tear_rate   lenses
2continuous  discrete    discrete    discrete    discrete
3                class
41.0 myope   no  reduced none
51.0 myope   no  normal  soft
61.0 myope   yes reduced none
71.0 myope   yes normal  soft
81.0 hypermetrope    no  reduced none
91.0 hypermetrope    no  normal  soft
101.0 hypermetrope    yes reduced none
111.0 hypermetrope    yes normal  soft
121.0 myope   no  reduced none
131.0 myope   no  normal  soft
141.0 myope   yes reduced none
151.0 myope   yes normal  soft
161.0 hypermetrope    no  reduced none
171.0 hypermetrope    no  normal  soft
181.0 hypermetrope    yes reduced none
191.0 hypermetrope    yes normal  none
201.0 myope   no  reduced none
211.0 myope   no  normal  none
221.0 myope   yes reduced none
231.0 myope   yes normal  soft
241.0 hypermetrope    no  reduced none
251.0 hypermetrope    no  normal  soft
261.0 hypermetrope    yes reduced none
271.0 hypermetrope    yes normal  none
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