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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
associate 10086:6dc6d4c97504   2 years blaz.zupan Refurbished and corrected documentation and regression tests for …
classification 10518:9127eb1fe9a5   2 years martin Improved learning of rules with ABCN2.
clustering 10421:03183dfb0f96   2 years janez.demsar Added an introduction to documentation about clustering
data 10438:02556e77b2d0   2 years crt.gorup Fixes #747.
distance 9923:5f55c90e0077   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature.
doc 10418:74740d06d7c0   2 years ales.erjavec Changed umlaut encoding.
ensemble 9994:1073e0304a87   2 years matija.polajnar Remove links from documentation to datasets. Remove datasets reference …
evaluation 10429:23daf949f7b2   2 years anze.staric Fixed some backward compatibility issues.
feature 10218:af780bca6b83   2 years janez.demsar Moved continuization from Orange.feature to
featureConstruction 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2)
fixes 10378:4d682c357ada   2 years janez.demsar More fixes due to refactoring of classification.rules
misc 10327:56bd3072cbf1   2 years ales.erjavec Moved progress and deprecation utility documentation before the …
multilabel 10502:6b593a8cd5a0   2 years matija.polajnar Make multi-label warning and errors more clear on what a 'multi-label …
multitarget 10432:d7544a94c00f   2 years lan.zagar Minor code clean-up.
network 10469:a76928c0d05b   2 years ales.erjavec Changed 'import orangeom' to 'from Orange import orangeom' (fixes #1122).
optimization 10302:e576bf56ae8e   2 years miha.stajdohar Fixed number of decimals in print-out.
OrangeCanvas 10489:1175d1de82b7   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed a random Orange Canvas crash when exiting the application.
OrangeWidgets 10516:fe5deb61329c   2 years lan.zagar Corrected Min nodes value.
orng 10518:9127eb1fe9a5   2 years martin Improved learning of rules with ABCN2.
preprocess 10475:61c2249d671f   2 years matija.polajnar Major refactorization of linear projections, fixing some bugs in the …
projection 10490:a1479e654132   2 years lan.zagar Minor improvements.
regression 10436:4f0183f5f4f2   2 years lan.zagar Changed to correct formulation of ridge regression problem.
statistics 10399:ec15b4da064b   2 years janez.demsar Moved doc for statistics.basic from py to rst
testing 10476:5f7f725a6660   2 years matija.polajnar Trivial merge.
wrappers 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2) 3.3 KB 10491:b7bfaaa57046   2 years matija.polajnar Remove an incorrect import to remove warning. 14.9 KB 10187:64e5e82b92c3   2 years anze.staric Fixed a bunch of PyCharm warnings.
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