source: orange/Orange @ 10750:995a621bbf56

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
associate 10086:6dc6d4c97504   2 years blaz.zupan Refurbished and corrected documentation and regression tests for …
classification 10695:f89944e24e5e   2 years ales.erjavec Using ScoreSVMWeights in RFE.
clustering 10633:fb05a6f3a235   2 years mstajdohar Changed obsolete names.
data 10705:cb0cb39cd12c   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed scatterplot (and linear projection) point jittering (now remains the …
distance 10580:c4cbae8dcf8b   2 years markotoplak Moved deprecation functions, progress bar support and environ into …
doc 10739:2105a3982049   2 years matija.polajnar Trivial merge.
ensemble 10745:5aa0dea24e1a   2 years Miran Reverted changes on random forests because of failed unit tests.
evaluation 10740:efdd4d5af0de   2 years Miran Added two new multi-target method scorers, mt_global_accuracy and …
feature 10709:de7d66dc0118   2 years blaz.zupan pointer to select_best_n for backward compatibility
featureConstruction 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2)
fixes 10718:9bedf6bfb4d7   2 years anze.staric Fixed module name mapping.
misc 10739:2105a3982049   2 years matija.polajnar Trivial merge.
multilabel 10502:6b593a8cd5a0   2 years matija.polajnar Make multi-label warning and errors more clear on what a 'multi-label …
multitarget 10699:f021e2b1ed50   2 years lan.zagar Make MultiTree work on single-class data (fixes #1167).
network 10674:ac200cc97b30   2 years lan.zagar Replaced split('\n') with splitlines().
OrangeCanvas 10733:e9a87e4e4a12   2 years ales.erjavec "Control - A" selects all widgets.
OrangeWidgets 10749:8943737ecb78   2 years ales.erjavec Disable the output if results are from a proportion test.
orng 10748:2940f3beae7b   2 years ales.erjavec Removed aROC (AROCFromCDT) from orngEval module.
projection 10715:94cb2d76e3f1   2 years anze.staric Merged in patch from #1161.
regression 10643:79cc41d29eb7   2 years lan.zagar Corrections to computations of statistics in linear regression.
statistics 10399:ec15b4da064b   2 years janez.demsar Moved doc for statistics.basic from py to rst
testing 10750:995a621bbf56   2 years ales.erjavec Added Instance unittests
tuning 10712:428fb1432e9e   2 years anze.staric Fixes to documentation of Orange.tuning.
utils 10662:5e14781e58cf   2 years anze.staric Merge.
wrappers 9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2) 3.4 KB 10711:38a9de5ed525   2 years anze.staric Removed optimization to tuning. 14.9 KB 10187:64e5e82b92c3   2 years anze.staric Fixed a bunch of PyCharm warnings.
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