source: orange/install-scripts/checkSyntax.btm @ 5224:530aec842455

Revision 5224:530aec842455, 241 bytes checked in by janezd <janez.demsar@…>, 6 years ago (diff)
  • this version now seems to work OK. It can be used to compile versions from various branches (1.0, snapshot), with a few hard-coded exceptions here and there.
[5223]1@echo off
2alias check=\python%1\python -c "import py_compile; py_compile.compile('%%@REPLACE[\,/,%%1]')"
4for %f in (*.py) check %f
5cd orangeCanvas
6for %f in (*.py;*.pyw) check %f
7cd ..\orangeWidgets
8for /r %f in (*.py;*.pyw) check %f
[5224]9cd ..
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