source: orange/install-scripts @ 8851:330c961f2ae6

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
addon-pack 8042:ffcb93bc9028   3 years markotoplak Hierarchical clustering: also catch RuntimeError when importing matplotlib …
debian 8263:878dcb566cce   3 years miha.stajdohar
doc 8263:878dcb566cce   3 years miha.stajdohar
linux 8263:878dcb566cce   3 years miha.stajdohar
mac 8851:330c961f2ae6   3 years mitar More Fink packages to have always on the system.
orngServer 8263:878dcb566cce   3 years miha.stajdohar
qt44-3rdparty 8093:5c048c997e05   3 years ales.erjavec Added networkx in the orange windows installer.
vmware 8099:4e25818916f6   3 years mitar Always use just already prepared source (created in 10.5 run).
callCreateRelease.btm 680 bytes 6044:ba29415a484b   5 years tomaz.curk
callCreateSnapshot.btm 688 bytes 6044:ba29415a484b   5 years tomaz.curk
callRegression.btm 1.1 KB 3160:0d1608b35da0   7 years tomazc no message
checkSyntax.btm 241 bytes 5224:530aec842455   6 years janez.demsar - this version now seems to work OK. It can be used to compile versions …
createCommon__.btm 3.2 KB 8826:26e0b91d4cf3   3 years ales.erjavec Don't break on error if orangeqt fails to compile (hopefully this will not …
createCommonAddOns__.btm 2.7 KB 8055:0cd39e14f120   3 years ales.erjavec Removed the –install-script= command line arguments.
createRelease.btm 886 bytes 6826:5c6313616e89   4 years ales.erjavec - removed –non-interactive from svn cleanup command
createSnapshot.btm 1.7 KB 7880:c1ce1e3b9c68   3 years ales.erjavec Using ' sdist' to create source distribution.
install3.nsi 8.2 KB 7982:911df83cd225   3 years ales.erjavec Added Prototypes back to the installation.
orange.ico 22.0 KB 3993:146f3d0a141b   6 years tomaz.curk need this before Qt4 become trunk (main branch)
OrangeInstall.ico 22.0 KB 3993:146f3d0a141b   6 years tomaz.curk need this before Qt4 become trunk (main branch)
OrangeOWS.ico 22.0 KB 896:73e28b3704f0   10 years tomazc no message
regressionTests.btm 206 bytes 3125:1da88aa4aacc   7 years cvso - a few fixes in regression test batches
updateAndCall.btm 195 bytes 7692:4844f9535654   3 years ales.erjavec - changed svn repo to
updateAndCallRegress.btm 175 bytes 3214:f2486bf3853f   7 years cvso no message
updateDoc__.btm 369 bytes 2231:02f6d4e4e7f4   8 years cvso no message
updateSetVariables__.btm 1.3 KB 8739:3a5e22b65703   3 years ales.erjavec Another try at orangeqt compiling.
updateVersionsPy__.btm 1.4 KB 5516:79acbe7e5cd0   5 years tomaz.curk filenames.set split into two files to prevent conflicts with concurrent …
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