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1age prescription    astigmatic  tear_rate   lenses
2discrete    discrete    discrete    discrete    discrete
3                class
4young   myope   no  reduced none
5young   myope   no  normal  soft
6young   myope   yes reduced none
7young   myope   yes normal  hard
8young   hypermetrope    no  reduced none
9young   hypermetrope    no  normal  soft
10young   hypermetrope    yes reduced none
11young   hypermetrope    yes normal  hard
12pre-presbyopic  myope   no  reduced none
13pre-presbyopic  myope   no  normal  soft
14pre-presbyopic  myope   yes reduced none
15pre-presbyopic  myope   yes normal  hard
16pre-presbyopic  hypermetrope    no  reduced none
17pre-presbyopic  hypermetrope    no  normal  soft
18pre-presbyopic  hypermetrope    yes reduced none
19pre-presbyopic  hypermetrope    yes normal  none
20presbyopic  myope   no  reduced none
21presbyopic  myope   no  normal  none
22presbyopic  myope   yes reduced none
23presbyopic  myope   yes normal  hard
24presbyopic  hypermetrope    no  reduced none
25presbyopic  hypermetrope    no  normal  soft
26presbyopic  hypermetrope    yes reduced none
27presbyopic  hypermetrope    yes normal  none
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