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1nobody, expects, the, Spanish, Inquisition
2our, chief, weapon, is, surprise, surprise, and, fear,fear, and, surprise
3our, two, weapons, are, fear, and, surprise, and, ruthless, efficiency
4our, three, weapons, are, fear, surprise, and, ruthless, efficiency, and, an, almost, fanatical, devotion, to, the, Pope
5our, four, no
6amongst, our, weapons
7amongst, our, weaponry, are, such, elements, as, fear, surprise
8I'll, come, in, again
9nobody, expects, the, Spanish, Inquisition
10amongst, our, weaponry, are, such, diverse, elements, as, fear, surprise, ruthless, efficiency, an, almost, fanatical, devotion, to, the, Pope, and, nice, red, uniforms, oh damn
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