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3<h1>Catalog of Orange Widgets</h1>
5<p>Orange Widgets are building blocks of Orange's graphical user's
6interface and its visual programming interface. The purpose of this
7documention is to describe the basic functionality of the widgets,
8and show how are they used in interaction with other widgets.</p>
10<p>Widgets in Orange can be used on their own, or within a separate
11application. This documention will however describe them as used
12within Orange Canvas, and application which trough visual programming
13allows gluing of widgets together in whatcan be anything from simple
14data analysis schema to a complex explorative data analysis
17<p>In Orange Canvas, widgets are grouped according to their
18functionality. We stick to the same grouping in this documentation,
19and cluster widgets accoring to their arrangement withing Canvas's
22<P><small>Orange is a work in progress and so is its documentation. Since
23documentation and widgets can be downloaded separately and from different
24sources, this help file may omit some widgets functionality or describe
25something your version of widgets does not have yet.</small></P>
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