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1<h1>Catalog of Orange Widgets</h1>
3<p>Orange Widgets are building blocks of Orange's graphical user's
4interface and its visual programming interface. The purpose of this
5documention is to describe the basic functionality of the widgets,
6and show how are they used in interaction with other widgets.</p>
8<p>Widgets in Orange can be used on their own, or within a separate
9application. This documention will however describe them as used
10within Orange Canvas, and application which trough visual programming
11allows gluing of widgets together in whatcan be anything from simple
12data analysis schema to a complex explorative data analysis
15<p>In Orange Canvas, widgets are grouped according to their
16functionality. We stick to the same grouping in this documentation,
17and cluster widgets accoring to their arrangement withing Canvas's
20<P>The documentation refers to the last snapshot of Orange. The version
21you use might miss some stuff which is already described here. Download
22the new snapshot if you need it.</P>
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