source: orange/source/orangeqt/orangeqt.sip @ 9057:0b552a863af1

Revision 9057:0b552a863af1, 306 bytes checked in by matejd <matejd@…>, 3 years ago (diff)

Added canvas3d (c++ part behind netexplorer3d) to orangeqt

1%Module orangeqt 1
3%Import QtGui/QtGuimod.sip
4%Import QtOpenGL/QtOpenGLmod.sip
6%Include types.sip
7%Include plot.sip
8%Include plot3d.sip
9%Include canvas3d.sip
10%Include plotitem.sip
11%Include point.sip
12%Include curve.sip
13%Include unconnectedlinescurve.sip
14%Include networkcurve.sip
15%Include multicurve.sip
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