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Refresh testing results after random generetor fix on 20090827. All tests that were OK before the change were replaced with the new results. Fixes #1024.

1*** Reference example:  ['young', 'myope', 'no', 'reduced', 'none']
2['young', 'myope', 'no', 'reduced', 'none'], {-42:0.00}
3['young', 'myope', 'yes', 'reduced', 'none'], {-42:1.00}
4['presbyopic', 'myope', 'no', 'reduced', 'none'], {-42:1.00}
5['young', 'hypermetrope', 'no', 'reduced', 'none'], {-42:1.00}
6['young', 'myope', 'no', 'normal', 'soft'], {-42:1.00}
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