source: orange @ 10110:4bcd621c8b4f

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 9757:27213d4e7315   2 years anze.staric Updated (new directory structure)
distribute 9589:856d4b5ff5e3   2 years tadej.janez Added 256x256 and 48x48 version of Orange's icons. Added a standard's …
docs 10107:207fbda45e7b   2 years matija.polajnar Fix with additional newline – this didn't compile …
install-scripts 9909:f2516dcc869b   2 years ales_erjavec Fixes to win packaging.
Orange 10110:4bcd621c8b4f   2 years crt.gorup Added custom test results for darwin platform and result set for …
source 10086:6dc6d4c97504   2 years blaz.zupan Refurbished and corrected documentation and regression tests for …
.hgeol 137 bytes 9588:a97bb6f03bc5   2 years lan.zagar Added .hgeol and converted some line endings.
.hgignore 1.2 KB 10019:4c1ab5da0f8e   2 years matija.polajnar Add more regression test garbage to .hgignore.
.hgtags 94 bytes 9585:e2e961bbb228   2 years anze.staric Added tag 2.5a1 for changeset 3f3a4091cb9f
COPYING 34.3 KB 8036:959acb4f05c4   3 years markotoplak Reconstructed COPYING and LICENSES files.
LICENSES 457 bytes 9588:a97bb6f03bc5   2 years lan.zagar Added .hgeol and converted some line endings. 162 bytes 9621:cab8339afb9e   2 years anze.staric Added distribute dir to
pylintrc 6.9 KB 9930:41fe11e97c51   2 years ales_erjavec Also allow single letter arguments and attributes names.
README.txt 415 bytes 9600:12052e3d8793   2 years ales_erjavec Fixed indentation.
setup-site.cfg 1.5 KB 9571:1bf6a9d1a975   2 years ales_erjavec Copied setup-site.cfg file to the root
setup.cfg 93 bytes 9618:651fdae51055   2 years anze.staric Added configuration for building documentation via … 25.8 KB 9925:51ca3f2ff52d   2 years ales_erjavec Fixed for building on windows. 246 bytes 9572:30a165757255   2 years ales_erjavec Added script, removed the use of USE_SETUPTOOLS env variable …
stamps_pyd.txt 334 bytes 9906:77274e331dbb   2 years lanumek Test scrip for hierarchical clustering.
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