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    7373optimization is to find those scatterplot projections, where instances with 
    7474different class labels are well separated. For example, for a data set  
    75 `brown-selected.tab <http://orange.biolab.si/doc/datasets/brown-selected.tab>`_ 
    7676(comes with Orange installation) the two attributes that best separate 
    7777instances of different class are displayed in the snapshot below, where we have 
    148148outliers. The idea is that the outliers are those data instances, which are 
    149149incorrectly classified in many of the top visualizations. For example, the 
    150 class of the 33-rd instance in `brown-selected.tab 
    151 <http://orange.biolab.si/doc/datasets/brown-selected.tab>`_ should be Resp, 
     150class of the 33-rd instance in brown-selected.tab should be Resp, 
    152151but this instance is quite often misclassified as Ribo. The snapshot below 
    153152shows one particular visualization displaying why such misclassification 
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