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    22Channels and Tokens 
    55Our data sampler widget was, regarding the channels, rather simple 
    66and linear: the widget was designed to receive the token from one 
    5555Notice that everything is pretty much the same as it was with 
    5656widgets from previous lessons, the only difference being 
    57 :obj:`Multiple + Default` as the last value in the list that defines 
    58 the :obj:`Learner` channel. This :obj:`Multiple + Default` says 
     57``Multiple + Default`` as the last value in the list that defines 
     58the :obj:`Learner` channel. This ``Multiple + Default`` says 
    5959that this is a multi-input channel and is the default input for its type. 
    6060If it would be unspecified then by default value of 
    61 :obj:`Single + NonDefault` would be used. That would mean that the 
     61``Single + NonDefault`` would be used. That would mean that the 
    6262widget can receive the input only from one widget and is not the default input 
    6363channel for its type (more on default channels later). 
    147147scoring functions from stats. I rather like 
    148148the easy by which new scoring functions are added to the widget, since 
    149 all that is needed is the augmenting the list :: 
     149all that is needed is the augmenting the list:: 
    151151    self.scoring = [("Classification Accuracy", orngStat.CA), 
    234234That is, the :obj:`Train Data` channel is a single-token 
    235235channel which is a default one (third parameter). Note that the flags can 
    236 be added (or OR-d) together so :obj:`Default + Multiple` is a valid flag. 
     236be added (or OR-d) together so ``Default + Multiple`` is a valid flag. 
    237237To test how this works, connect a file widget to a learning curve widget and 
    238238- nothing will really happen: 
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