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(edit) @2073:8f100ab564d5   26 hours ales.erjavec Disable 'Venn Diagram' widget if one is already provided by Orange.
(edit) @2072:af7c5621ff08   26 hours ales.erjavec Added "Gene Network" widget.
(edit) @2071:9480fbe53b5c   27 hours ales.erjavec Fixed 'BioGRID.organisms' method.
(edit) @2070:d4e03f6d648d   3 days ales.erjavec Copy input data name to output.
(edit) @2069:e10da8fef216   3 days markotoplak Documentation updates.
(edit) @2068:f4565c330c5f   3 days ales.erjavec Added missing callback for the 'Commit' button. (fixes #1365)
(edit) @2067:45066c66ef91   4 days markotoplak Dicty documentation fixes.
(edit) @2066:40e08fbf951c   4 days markotoplak Fixes to biomart documentation.
(edit) @2065:cb4e084c443b   4 days markotoplak Fixes to arrayexpress documentation.
(edit) @2064:b7a3d649f5ee   4 days markotoplak Added ppi, biomart and arrayexpress to docs (from docstrings).
(edit) @2063:2293d87d12ec   4 days markotoplak Updates to dicty documentation.
(edit) @2062:cff000b424bf   4 days markotoplak Deleted class PIPA.
(edit) @2061:01338973c92e   4 days markotoplak Small documentation changes. Made PIPAx independent of PIPA class.
(edit) @2060:f9b76446ac4d   4 days markotoplak Fixed file name case.
(edit) @2059:a3492b4a5d63   4 days markotoplak Version bump.
(edit) @2058:42ec691f6930   5 days blaz.zupan Draft of GEO Data Sets widget documentation.
(edit) @2057:16f1bd0366f0   5 days ales.erjavec Fixed icon rst class.
(edit) @2056:5c0dd2e414fe   5 days ales.erjavec Customize sphinx documentation theme.
(edit) @2055:7bafffd66eef   7 days blaz.zupan First draft of documentation for Databases widget.
(edit) @2054:ed422ebafb9d   9 days markotoplak dicty: minor documentation updates.
(edit) @2053:c25fb8a4dbbb   10 days markotoplak Renamed BufferSQLite -> CacheSQLite. dicty documentation updates.
(edit) @2052:0da6d858e5db   10 days markotoplak Add forgotten documentation files.
(edit) @2051:a39fd5b751eb   10 days markotoplak Started with the dicty documentation.
(edit) @2050:17993ebb0412   10 days markotoplak dicty.phenotypes documentation updates.
(edit) @2049:df676bc4bc00   10 days markotoplak Documentation updates.
(edit) @2048:168c9aaae358   10 days markotoplak Update MeSH examples so that they run.
(edit) @2047:65c6fee4cd3d   10 days markotoplak Use the 2014 MeSH data base.
(edit) @2046:7b01ad960048   10 days markotoplak Slight edit of the GEO documentation.
(edit) @2045:3daf2fce9ee0   11 days markotoplak MeSH: enrichment from utils.stats, cleanup serverfiles code.
(edit) @2044:9e2d134f6acc   12 days markotoplak Documentation for gene.homology.
(edit) @2043:e5ab1b621ee7   12 days markotoplak Taxonomy documentation.
(edit) @2042:3f1f69f5e60d   12 days markotoplak Updates to GSEA documentation.
(edit) @2041:9728b6dddc3b   2 weeks markotoplak GSEA documentation.
(edit) @2040:e39bd8601af8   2 weeks markotoplak Fixed import.
(edit) @2039:57edde9ab3e1   2 weeks markotoplak Fixed imports in code samples.
(edit) @2038:38bb72b7e1eb   4 weeks ales.erjavec More documentation for Gene Ontology (go).
(edit) @2037:ab097c1ebf77   4 weeks ales.erjavec Load a default ontology when one is not provided by the user.
(edit) @2036:e5007bf3c077   4 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed an error in 'set_slims_subset'.
(edit) @2035:1906078742c3   4 weeks ales.erjavec Added rst documentation for gene ontology (go).
(edit) @2034:48ef02db1ba3   4 weeks ales.erjavec Updated imports.
(edit) @2033:251bf18f12c4   4 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed ontology/annotations download.
(edit) @2032:4d2b15817f9c   4 weeks ales.erjavec Removed unused members/constants.
(edit) @2031:38f16693e400   5 weeks ales.erjavec Renamed Gene Ontology (go) members from camel case to underscore style. …
(edit) @2030:0c8f6bd02fa2   5 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed biomart caching. Removed global module level cache shelve.
(edit) @2029:61f9ca0393e3   5 weeks ales.erjavec 'biomart' code cleanup.
(edit) @2028:a239d3c44a6c   5 weeks ales.erjavec Updated obsolete import names.
(edit) @2027:043c0c7edcff   5 weeks ales.erjavec Added 'Select All' keyboard shortcut to Kegg widget.
(edit) @2026:d8b0b665f22e   5 weeks ales.erjavec Code cleanup for Kegg widget.
(edit) @2025:8d1e33854f7b   5 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed/reworked Kegg widget threading.
(edit) @2024:87971c3f8062   5 weeks ales.erjavec Small code fixes for Kegg widget.
(edit) @2023:5e045c5ba71a   5 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed an UnboundLocalError introduced in 61d9516b43bd
(edit) @2022:f914f46ded94   6 weeks ales.erjavec Threadsafe LogBin._lookup table computation.
(edit) @2021:711da9aa19e2   6 weeks ales.erjavec Invalidate sorting when removing filter strings.
(edit) @2020:61d9516b43bd   6 weeks ales.erjavec Updated import names.
(edit) @2019:b423a892d3bb   6 weeks ales.erjavec Ensure that gene info resources are downloaded with progress reporting.
(edit) @2018:8d6287370d07   6 weeks ales.erjavec Removed a tautological if statement.
(edit) @2017:d6d73a05bf1d   6 weeks ales.erjavec Ran orange2to25 script on
(edit) @2016:28b8737b2df8   6 weeks ales.erjavec Gene Info widget code style fixes.
(edit) @2015:2370b2755a4e   6 weeks ales.erjavec Moved deprecated GeneExpressionAtlas code back to deprecated …
(edit) @2014:962f21d02561   6 weeks ales.erjavec More 'arrayexpress' code style fixes.
(edit) @2013:aa4607fe5e9e   6 weeks ales.erjavec Updated import names.
(edit) @2012:ea5486fef30f   6 weeks ales.erjavec GEO Datasets widget code style fixes.
(edit) @2011:45bdf06db1bf   6 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed an error in STRING DB initialization.
(edit) @2010:f10bec27f076   6 weeks ales.erjavec Added module level common taxid to name mapping.
(edit) @2009:49192ce2a035   6 weeks ales.erjavec Changed deprecated import names.
(edit) @2008:31506d290c2e   6 weeks ales.erjavec Removed chunking from STRING DB initialization. The reported speedup is …
(edit) @2007:48c5637a3fec   6 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed STRING database initialization progress reporting
(edit) @2006:82d6e864fc63   6 weeks ales.erjavec Slight fixup for BioGRID database initialization.
(edit) @2005:3253c6e19022   6 weeks ales.erjavec Code style fixes (pep8).
(edit) @2004:49eb6e1207f3   6 weeks ales.erjavec Using ThreadExecutor for dataset download.
(edit) @2003:851fbcd1cc7a   6 weeks ales.erjavec Small fixes to the ontology docstrings.
(edit) @2002:bebeeae74628   7 weeks ales.erjavec Added 'arrayexpress' doctests.
(edit) @2001:ee88879257cf   7 weeks ales.erjavec 'arrayexpress' code style and docstring fixes.
(edit) @2000:b28eccdf92cd   7 weeks ales.erjavec Refactored GEO initialization.
(edit) @1999:c60995640805   7 weeks ales.erjavec Threaded widget initialization.
(edit) @1998:f88284e0fddb   7 weeks ales.erjavec Added download utilities.
(edit) @1997:f39504393979   7 weeks ales.erjavec Replaced the use of signal manager freeze with widget blocking state.
(edit) @1996:7194056139bb   7 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed graphviz export, removed unused code.
(edit) @1995:ab90baa38e10   7 weeks ales.erjavec Fixed 'ontology' module name in the documentation.
(edit) @1994:633673fab61f   7 weeks ales.erjavec Normalized whitespace (and other pep8 fixes).
(edit) @1993:81dc3fe3ed6c   8 weeks markotoplak Removed pointless printout.
(edit) @1992:ef31099d4f65   8 weeks ales.erjavec Added a warning about the deprecated API when using obiGeneAtlas.
(edit) @1991:8f60c5205094   2 months ales.erjavec Fixed module imports for doctests.
(edit) @1990:10d2bf077da7   2 months ales.erjavec Cleared the namespace package.
(edit) @1989:4b63ff0fcef3   2 months markotoplak Do not show warning as a submodule of
(edit) @1988:5e0ece4e4ab0   2 months markotoplak Moved obiGeneSets and obiGeneSetSig.
(edit) @1987:d277e3cbf642   2 months markotoplak Removed obiDifscale and its widgets (now in separate addon).
(edit) @1986:9bf72239e036   2 months markotoplak Fixed imports so that less obi modules are visible from
(edit) @1985:5e0898e89731   2 months markotoplak Load gsea at startup.
(edit) @1984:14410a903d98   2 months markotoplak Moved obiGsea.
(edit) @1983:4b0974e3d84b   2 months markotoplak Moved obiPPI.
(edit) @1982:51bab280012f   2 months markotoplak Moved obiDicty*.
(edit) @1981:f1cf338e5978   2 months markotoplak Moved obiChem.
(edit) @1980:e8f5310fa033   2 months markotoplak Moved obiKEGG.
(edit) @1979:4c257656d1af   2 months markotoplak Fixed import in moved obiGene.
(edit) @1978:0a9dfd5d99c0   2 months markotoplak Moved obiOntology.
(edit) @1977:bae2d80f192b   2 months markotoplak Moved obiMeSH.
(edit) @1976:6cf58a63b515   2 months markotoplak Arrayexpress backward compatibility.
(edit) @1975:5b0b06589b24   2 months markotoplak Deleted obiData and obiGenomicsUpdate because they were not used anywhere.
(edit) @1974:59409de6bd05   2 months markotoplak Moved obiBioMart.
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