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(edit) @1699:d7fa537b163e   22 months ales.erjavec Moved Gene Atlas Tissue Expression widget out of prototypes.
(edit) @1698:66f083dd6a1b   22 months lan.zagar Save settings in Atlas widget.
(edit) @1697:1c6e4093f56a   22 months ales.erjavec Activate selection in ScoreHist to enable interactive cutoff.
(edit) @1696:dea5ec1c3800   22 months ales.erjavec Added tag 2.5a6 for changeset ecd9bb9628ea
(edit) @1695:ecd9bb9628ea   22 months ales.erjavec Version bump.
(edit) @1694:a240c6650b8e   22 months ales.erjavec BUGFIX. Fixed cache version invalidation. Must close the shelve before …
(edit) @1693:d9eebf8944ec   22 months ales.erjavec BUGFIX. Removed a failing redundant import. Creating a new obiTaxonomy …
(edit) @1692:66a285f2e160   22 months lan.zagar Hopefully fixes #1208 for good.
(edit) @1691:d2aeb3889a90   22 months markotoplak CV feature build for obiGeneSetSig.
(edit) @1690:cba131a6a0c5   22 months markotoplak obiGeneSetSig: small changes in the interface.
(edit) @1689:f3edbd78dbfd   22 months ales.erjavec Check the target selection for a case where there are no labels/values. …
(edit) @1688:11472cddba90   22 months ales.erjavec Added Array Express widget.
(edit) @1687:460a66cfdc01   22 months ales.erjavec Basic annotations for data table features (Charecteristics, …
(edit) @1686:c47c9865d9bc   22 months markotoplak Bump the version of obiDicty buffer.
(edit) @1685:2be01ac7a2be   22 months mitar Added tag 2.5a5 for changeset f8e82ecc8ae5
(edit) @1684:f8e82ecc8ae5   22 months mitar Version bump.
(edit) @1683:3c74a8c23b4b   22 months mitar Shortening namespace.
(edit) @1682:2e2c671e4300   22 months lan.zagar Replaced split(\n) with splitlines (closes #1160).
(edit) @1681:d8249ba65b73   23 months markotoplak OWPIPA: changed default expression type (Gadi's recommendation).
(edit) @1680:47391b3c2532   23 months markotoplak Fixed last commit.
(edit) @1679:acc78615f489   23 months markotoplak PIPAx: downloading data now uses buffers (removed reload=reload from calls …
(edit) @1678:9fc829170a8f   23 months mitar Exec bit.
(edit) @1677:2db135e7ff3f   23 months mitar Also include documentation in source package.
(edit) @1676:b7daa12c2b33   2 years mitar This doesn't work.
(edit) @1675:1b8a5783fa86   2 years mitar Added tag 2.5a4 for changeset 1feec0bd5ffb
(edit) @1674:1feec0bd5ffb   2 years mitar Documentation changes. Version bump.
(edit) @1673:bfb162916b57   2 years mitar Added tag 2.5a3 for changeset 451a2de7c9d7
(edit) @1672:451a2de7c9d7   2 years mitar Version bump.
(edit) @1671:7ee0e13bc0a4   2 years mitar Fixed package classifiers and keywords.
(edit) @1670:a23a5f7825b0   2 years mitar Added tag 2.5a2 for changeset a6bc72ca3aae
(edit) @1669:a6bc72ca3aae   2 years mitar Version bump.
(edit) @1668:a9eb1a590d6b   2 years mitar More on documentation.
(edit) @1667:c4c652ff9d24   2 years mitar Missed in renaming.
(edit) @1666:15208881edf4   2 years mitar Renaming documentation.
(edit) @1665:9608dd9c7656   2 years mitar Unifying documentation.
(edit) @1664:ab62a9259105   2 years mitar Reference should have modindex.
(edit) @1663:6f48078a9554   2 years mitar Merge.
(edit) @1662:427f1876f3e6   2 years mitar Revamped documentation.
(edit) @1661:6c5f448f2563   2 years mitar Moved style CSS file.
(edit) @1660:d30ab3fdb2f2   2 years mitar Version bump.
(edit) @1659:32e069184b7d   2 years ales.erjavec Replaced 'distribute' dependency with setuptools'. Trimmed dependencies.
(edit) @1658:b31713e4c062   2 years markotoplak Merge.
(edit) @1657:edc96b23f6ef   2 years markotoplak Fixed a typo in code of PIPAx.
(edit) @1656:a6c7509a246b   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed OWGUI import in PIPAx widget
(edit) @1655:9d3ae06d69be   2 years mitar Added tag 2.5a1 for changeset 61fbdcb67aab
(edit) @1654:61fbdcb67aab   2 years mitar Merge.
(edit) @1653:508c7aa2e03c   2 years mitar Dependencies.
(edit) @1652:9d28a8edf5b9   2 years mitar Added distribute to dependencies.
(edit) @1651:37c90fb3cf5f   2 years mitar Changing description.
(edit) @1650:8008870c0a2d   2 years mitar Fixing manifest file.
(edit) @1649:2b0e1be1aeb5   2 years mitar This add-on is OS independent.
(edit) @1648:66f29a859110   2 years mitar Added dependency mirrors.
(edit) @1647:b6fe22253c86   2 years mitar Updated README.
(edit) @1646:8b2acc577189   2 years mitar Merge.
(edit) @1645:b542c4ab17b1   2 years mstajdohar Added help on install for developers.
(edit) @1644:e455af7d00bd   2 years mitar Fixing license text.
(edit) @1643:2cfa80dac3d3   2 years mitar Fixing some imports. Marking widgets as prototypes.
(edit) @1642:61aa6da18f78   2 years mitar Updating
(edit) @1641:c1aeb79b5b4a   2 years mitar Automatically install setuptools if not present.
(edit) @1640:8fc4b69f2dcc   2 years mitar Removed Genome Map widget.
(edit) @1639:e3ff32a7c8da   2 years mitar Updated
(edit) @1638:a9aacccb6d8a   2 years mitar Updating add-on description.
(edit) @1637:dde4ef52193b   2 years mitar Removing __file__ usage.
(edit) @1636:10d234fdadb9   2 years mitar Restructuring because we will not be using namespaces.
(edit) @1635:88033dab8187   2 years mitar Updated file.
(edit) @1634:32373d957326   2 years mitar Renamed addon reference documentation.
(edit) @1633:b8852fdd1a0f   2 years mitar Fixing imports.
(edit) @1632:9cf919d0f343   2 years mitar Fixing imports.
(edit) @1631:45bbfc8ab14c   2 years mitar Moving scripts.
(edit) @1630:bac3c4d73e0d   2 years mitar Updated readme file.
(edit) @1629:0d6de7936e04   2 years mitar Moving files around.
(edit) @1628:51f6cf677c61   2 years mitar Adding license text.
(edit) @1627:c195b0069f53   2 years mitar Not needed anymore. We will be using eggs.
(edit) @1626:10d512c242a9   2 years mitar We already have a license text.
(edit) @1625:cefeb35cbfc9   2 years mitar Moving files around.
(edit) @1624:145bc5b1550e   2 years mitar Cleaning tags.
(edit) @1623:186d828e3699   2 years mitar Renamed documentation directory.
(edit) @1622:3d2f34a594e5   2 years ales.erjavec Handle an invalid selected index from the label combo box.
(edit) @1621:dad955df95e8   2 years ales.erjavec Open dictyExpress links with selected genes only.
(edit) @1620:5901c58464eb   2 years ales.erjavec Sort ids before querying PIPAx api (oherwise the columns can get …
(edit) @1619:3ddf83d9d93b   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed a major error handing the downloaded gene list (all reported gene …
(edit) @1618:56ed7843a919   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed date formating (using locale's date representation).
(edit) @1617:a67c39dc9477   2 years ales.erjavec Copied SelectionByKey class from OWPIPA into OWPIPAx (problems with …
(edit) @1616:6c0bc463ca9b   2 years ales.erjavec Added new PIPAx widget.
(edit) @1615:8506076ec2e7   2 years ales.erjavec Added PIPAx api interface.
(edit) @1614:b8ee06613d54   2 years ales.erjavec Added columns from the gene info view to the output.
(edit) @1613:c3560c335bf9   2 years ales.erjavec Changed results from the GeneAtlas REST api. Added cache versioning.
(edit) @1612:6935f946a4f6   2 years ales.erjavec Orange.projection.pca.Pca -> Orange.projection.linear.PCA
(edit) @1611:3b33933bd2c7   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed progress_bar_milestones import.
(edit) @1610:f6c73952d74f   2 years ales.erjavec Save download file to a temporary '.part' file.
(edit) @1609:6b0bb985598f   2 years ales.erjavec Can now specify specific annotation and ontology revision.
(edit) @1608:bb559485a499   2 years lan.zagar Handle different line endings (see #1160).
(edit) @1607:1daf61f47beb   2 years markotoplak Added ASSESS to obiGeneSetSig.
(edit) @1606:610975979e42   2 years ales.erjavec Added 'Clear cache' button, small fixes to progress reporting.
(edit) @1605:efd5ac5a1579   2 years ales.erjavec Added clear_cache function.
(edit) @1604:e53326641eb0   2 years ales.erjavec Cache invalidation of kgml files.
(edit) @1603:7a78a7302c20   2 years ales.erjavec Configurable cache invalidation.
(edit) @1602:d55a75faef7a   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed obiKEGG conf.
(edit) @1601:d3a65a71731e   2 years markotoplak Fixes supporting the move of (most of) Orange.misc to Orange.utils.
(edit) @1600:60f301f74126   2 years markotoplak Added CORGs to obiGeneSetSig.
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