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(edit) @11649:6d0ec9cce6a2   9 months markotoplak SVM interface does not pass 0 values to libsvm.
(edit) @11648:6440cdda676a   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed a test for feature selection.
(edit) @11647:dfa6d31c2fc2   9 months ales.erjavec Preserve the domain's meta attributes and class_vars.
(edit) @11646:94e12073788c   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed 'above_threshold' test condition. It now tests True for scores …
(edit) @11645:56cf220f5bfd   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed 'top_rated' function (actually use the 'highest_best' parameter).
(edit) @11644:80194fa80998   9 months janez.demsar Automated merge
(edit) @11643:9097e985303b   9 months janez.demsar Added parentheses in prints in setup of orangeqt for compatibility with …
(edit) @11642:50cad21218eb   9 months ales.erjavec Merge
(edit) @11641:be21939d9bed   9 months ales.erjavec Removed the forced wait loop for widgets in blocking state.
(edit) @11640:1c517c9b2c3f   9 months ales.erjavec Added 'processingState' to tracked widget state.
(edit) @11639:ad4d94a25e19   9 months ales.erjavec Refactored the OWWidget management out of WidgetsScheme and SignalManager.
(edit) @11638:1e3311779a3b   9 months janez.demsar Changed icons for Select Attributes and Select Data
(edit) @11637:0635b42377c2   9 months ales.erjavec Changes to osx application template build script.
(edit) @11636:310bc52a043b   9 months ales.erjavec Added script.
(edit) @11635:9c1270f157c0   9 months ales.erjavec Added a script.
(edit) @11634:7db03b53b160   9 months ales.erjavec Renamed the osx application template build script.
(edit) @11633:64a2f4b224ea   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed 'ScaleLinProjData.create_projection_as_numeric_array' (again). Two …
(edit) @11632:85aaadf66c89   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed 'ScaleLinProjData.create_projection_as_numeric_array' point …
(edit) @11631:44acd5d775c3   9 months ales.erjavec Added test for learner pickling support.
(edit) @11630:5cfa71596edd   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed pickling of Boosted/Bagged/StackedLearner.
(edit) @11629:80bbc6bff5c1   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed Classification Tree Graph widget so it does not require stored …
(edit) @11628:0453b7a5b43b   2 years ales.erjavec Added back single tree output using the simple tree converter.
(edit) @11627:3c08b4b7e5ff   9 months ales.erjavec Code style fixes for Random forest widgets.
(edit) @11626:bc36685ddf73   2 years ales.erjavec Added a 'SimpleTreeClassifier' to 'TreeClassifier' conversion function.
(edit) @11625:2c014d899166   9 months ales.erjavec Fixed 'ContDistribution.add' method (use the weight argument). Fixes …
(edit) @11624:365165ac0244   10 months ales.erjavec Added an explicit check for subset size reduction. Fixes #1243
(edit) @11623:26ecc3a85f9c   10 months ales.erjavec Refactored utility functions.
(edit) @11622:aa4629f97256   10 months ales.erjavec Set the minimum distutils version back to 0.6.26.
(edit) @11621:18e7af983522   10 months ales.erjavec Removed no longer needed dependencies in OSX application bundle.
(edit) @11620:97f3ba2f05db   10 months ales.erjavec Also use 'extra_compile_args' to build 'orange_include' static lib. Get …
(edit) @11619:cc7732d5ee1b   10 months markotoplak Database update widget: summary for filtered items.
(edit) @11618:1e9af978cbf2   10 months ales.erjavec Updated included to latest 0.6.48 version. (for …
(edit) @11617:108c380bf5c0   10 months ales.erjavec Changed the default settings filename. Now using fully qualified import …
(edit) @11616:2e29f6b9b531   10 months ales.erjavec Change canvas background when the signal propagation is paused.
(edit) @11615:11a0d2030073   10 months ales.erjavec Removed uses of WidgetsScheme.widget_settings in SchemeEditWidget.
(edit) @11614:a4aa7f9b09fd   10 months ales.erjavec Refactored widget state messages handling. Moved the resposibility for …
(edit) @11613:1242f06bbdb4   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed changed regression tests output.
(edit) @11612:aa911724fb25   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed changed SVM doctest output.
(edit) @11611:8adbcea5b7b2   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed a memory leak when raising an exception.
(edit) @11610:33695add91c0   10 months ales.erjavec Cleanup of TLinearLearner/Classifier. The training examples are sorted …
(edit) @11609:8f3dd402b200   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed a memory leak when raising an exception.
(edit) @11608:859ba8529b00   10 months ales.erjavec Sort the training data on the class values before training... so LIBSVM …
(edit) @11607:8ecd4831def9   10 months ales.erjavec Changed (simplified) SVMClassifier constructors (and pickling).
(edit) @11606:f27665aa9f40   10 months ales.erjavec Changed TSVMClassifier constructor interface. It no longer requires …
(edit) @11605:a35955141513   10 months ales.erjavec Added some basic documentation for the LIBLINEAR based classifiers.
(edit) @11604:89a5fa18f2a6   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed a type check.
(edit) @11603:57399ad8c343   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed two memory leaks.
(edit) @11602:95b325220b22   10 months miha.stajdohar Test update hook.
(edit) @11601:8c32875e845e   10 months miha.stajdohar Hook test.
(edit) @11600:3152b8f20aab   10 months miha.stajdohar Merge.
(edit) @11599:1beb4ea6d47b   10 months miha.stajdohar Added documentation chapter titles.
(edit) @11598:4837bf270e01   10 months ales.erjavec Added 'Open and Freeze' menu action.
(edit) @11597:2f4fbcb6396d   10 months ales.erjavec Delete global addons variable after use.
(edit) @11596:c84e54594473   10 months ales.erjavec Set the canvas style sheet on the CanvasMainWindow only. This prevents …
(edit) @11595:962076656c21   10 months ales.erjavec Added a build script for an OSX application (.app) template.
(edit) @11594:4472f0f29bce   10 months ales.erjavec Changed Orange Canvas OSX application startup script. Start the …
(edit) @11593:6edc44eb9655   10 months ales.erjavec Updated Widget development tutorial.
(edit) @11592:53ab0451fc03   11 months ales.erjavec Added progress bar state tracking in OWBaseWidget.
(edit) @11591:05936ca5105f   11 months astaric Improved regression test.
(edit) @11590:a14e130116b1   11 months astaric Only include PCA in drawing methods.
(edit) @11589:b131d70679e8   11 months astaric Updated instructions for running tests.
(edit) @11588:52080269fddb   11 months astaric Disabled test for c45.
(edit) @11587:fd03cbe41685   11 months janez.demsar Fixes in documentation for writing interfaces between C++ and Python
(edit) @11586:5ba051127aac   11 months markotoplak Discretization uses the correct module for discretization classes.
(edit) @11585:b87da28cca2c   11 months markotoplak Updated discretization classes in fix_changed_names.
(edit) @11584:8763e1517159   11 months markotoplak Removed discretization classes from data/discretization (they should be in …
(edit) @11583:2e6ab05e7fed   11 months markotoplak Code indentation.
(edit) @11582:12ecb82d93d7   11 months astaric Python2.6 compatibilty.
(edit) @11581:efa8c37d8a02   11 months astaric Added instructions for running tests to README.
(edit) @11580:3c0351009340   11 months astaric Enabled running tests from
(edit) @11579:95d81ef5d944   11 months miha.stajdohar Added docs to TOC.
(edit) @11578:33b9ee3dbf60   11 months miha.stajdohar Merged.
(edit) @11577:c829768edd0d   11 months miha.stajdohar Added C to Python docs.
(edit) @11576:fb4551130eaf   11 months markotoplak Added missing dicretizers to the Orange hierarchy.
(edit) @11575:c08f8de2cf30   11 months markotoplak OWPaintData: Fixed an undo bug.
(edit) @11574:320dadad4e54   11 months ales.erjavec Merge
(edit) @11573:f92bad28c999   11 months ales.erjavec Update the table view after color selection.
(edit) @11572:27c26e9d7be5   11 months ales.erjavec Cleanup of TableBarItem class.
(edit) @11571:661c03bcff02   11 months anze.staric Merged in ragezor/orange (pull request #13) PainData widget improvements
(edit) @11570:59257e2f79df   11 months martin.frlin PEP 8 style fixes
(edit) @11569:f4937d652281   11 months martin.frlin Removed prints that were there for debugging
(edit) @11568:3b63e32b3599   11 months martin.frlin Undo and redo is now functional
(edit) @11567:53187432b22b   11 months martin.frlin Added undo and redo but it is still buggy at the moment.
(edit) @11566:f6ea199ce29d   11 months martin.frlin Added selection deleting with delete key.
(edit) @11565:2ace650fc44a   11 months ales.erjavec Refactored 'ExampleTableModel.headerData' code into helper functions.
(edit) @11564:eca0d7ea5719   11 months ales.erjavec Optimization of '' method.
(edit) @11563:2eb1d8d58768   11 months ales.erjavec Let 'sys.excepthook' handle exceptions from widget.
(edit) @11562:ec47c1ae6cc6   11 months ales.erjavec Improved exception checking for learner pre-test.
(edit) @11561:3ab2a33f1269   11 months ales.erjavec Coalesce updates on input changes into a single update loop run. (by …
(edit) @11560:b14abf103fda   11 months jure.zbontar Add NN widget
(edit) @11559:05d6847d3185   11 months jure.zbontar Add normalize flag for NNs
(edit) @11558:e050e7ade4e4   11 months jure.zbontar Fix PyQt version comparison bug
(edit) @11557:2ac1b27290d5   11 months ales.erjavec Changed the "Get Started" action tooltip
(edit) @11556:c9ec072c64a1   11 months blaz.zupan corrected error with 25th data instance
(edit) @11555:57e8d3988f7f   11 months ales.erjavec Set version to 2.7.1
(edit) @11554:f1effe004d85   11 months ales.erjavec Added tag 2.7 for changeset 19b97395b702
(edit) @11553:19b97395b702   11 months ales.erjavec Set release version 2.7
(edit) @11552:21593bc25cb5   11 months ales.erjavec Fix to Added missing documentation files, excluded …
(edit) @11551:17ab2502d99f   11 months ales.erjavec Random Forest widget documentation fix. Chosen tree output is no longer …
(edit) @11550:34029dacd329   11 months ales.erjavec Ignore/reject drops on the canvas with unsupported data.
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