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(edit) @11398:7e9b4eb30015   13 months ales.erjavec Fixed mixed tab/space indentation.
(edit) @11397:e4b810f1f493   13 months ales.erjavec Added 'multinomial_treatment' parameter to LIBLINEAR derived learners.
(edit) @11063:68bc42e33a2a   15 months astaric Python 2.6 compatibility.
(edit) @11060:340b8bf1cbb4   16 months yuval Avoid OverflowError when the beta is really high
(edit) @10885:6ce1287fdda5   2 years ales.erjavec Added 'L1R_LR` solver type class constant.
(edit) @10883:79fbadeec704   2 years markotoplak Logistic regression with LibLinear: added an explicit bias parameter, some …
(edit) @10684:25dcef376b0c   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed the use of 'has_discrete_attributes'
(edit) @10677:70e2134c6d0b   2 years ales.erjavec Added LibLinearLogRegLearner to logreg module.
(edit) @10580:c4cbae8dcf8b   2 years markotoplak Moved deprecation functions, progress bar support and environ into …
(edit) @10542:7dde0640e266   2 years anze.staric Moved preprocess from Orange to
(edit) @10387:bc542f61da37   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed StepWiseFSS base class (needs to be object, due to the new
(edit) @10380:aec21519ddac   2 years janez.demsar Orange.classification.logreg.StepwiseFSS is no longer derived from Learner
(edit) @10346:c99dada8a093   2 years janez.demsar Polished documentation for logistic regression
(edit) @10246:11b418321f79   2 years janez.demsar Unified argument names in and 2.5 and 3.0; numerous other changes in …
(edit) @9959:c25f1f8bab96   2 years ales_erjavec Changed returnType -> return_type, weightId -> weight_id, …
(edit) @9936:08300d990d26   2 years markotoplak moved new_meta_ide from feature to feature.Descriptor
(edit) @9929:6df3696524a2   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature.
(edit) @9923:5f55c90e0077   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature.
(edit) @9919:8a2a770ef3af   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature
(edit) @9878:80400e49d3a4   2 years matija.polajnar Remove arguments from calls. It gives a deprecation warning …
(edit) @9818:2ec8ecdb81e5   2 years matija.polajnar Finish the logreg refactoring, along with documentation improvement.
(copy) @9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2)
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(copy) @9670:5548406b18c0   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 1)
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