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(edit) @11604:89a5fa18f2a6   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed a type check.
(edit) @11423:17b17584f930   13 months ales.erjavec Small fix for RFE documentation.
(edit) @11397:e4b810f1f493   13 months ales.erjavec Added 'multinomial_treatment' parameter to LIBLINEAR derived learners.
(edit) @11377:1f01a3c46101   14 months ales.erjavec Added notes to svm learner documentation about discrete feature …
(edit) @10955:8fd59ece1784   21 months ales.erjavec Code style fixup.
(edit) @10954:444fb02c6ccb   21 months ales.erjavec Handle a case where not all classes are present in the trained libsvm …
(edit) @10774:78f837b88776   2 years ales.erjavec Added bias term parameter to the LinearSVMLearner and …
(edit) @10751:91e1dac1b42f   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed an error when the wrapped model has no support vectors.
(edit) @10695:f89944e24e5e   2 years ales.erjavec Using ScoreSVMWeights in RFE.
(edit) @10694:eb4617009f30   2 years ales.erjavec Added explanation of solver_type constants in LinearSVMLearner.
(edit) @10682:289189dd68d9   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed the use of 'has_discrete_attributes', ScoreSVMWeights can now be …
(edit) @10679:3eefc11fe7c0   2 years ales.erjavec Added normalization parameter to MultiClassSVMLearner. Changed how and …
(edit) @10676:d89dc0429bf6   2 years ales.erjavec Added normalization parameter to LinearSVMLearner. Changed how and when …
(edit) @10665:02b530c1457b   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed parameter passing in SVMLearnerEasy, fixes #1158.
(edit) @10664:1c41c9dd6c8f   2 years ales.erjavec Added doctests to the svm test suite.
(edit) @10642:e8074a6a6614   2 years ales.erjavec Fix for a bad resolve (obsolete name in TuneMParamaters).
(edit) @10640:dec28e0a76fa   2 years ales.erjavec Merge
(edit) @10639:b80b09cd23e3   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed an error in get_linear_svm_weights.
(edit) @10638:38fd2d78200c   2 years ales.erjavec Added support for regression models in get_linear_svm_weights.
(edit) @10637:13a1ab18e5cf   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed coef and rho properties for regression problems. Fixed prob_b …
(edit) @10634:1ebc6f592252   2 years mstajdohar Fixed some more obsolete stuff and added ignore DeprecationWarning on …
(edit) @10621:7ae212aaf403   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed two errors.
(edit) @10618:f55f1477bd5f   2 years ales.erjavec Completely hide the native classifier from the user, all model parameters …
(edit) @10585:e0b498c68aaa   2 years ales.erjavec Always wrap the native SVMLearner.
(edit) @10584:edc3a37bc3c3   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed get_linear_svm_weights function with respect to the internal libsvm …
(edit) @10581:94a831b04ec3   2 years markotoplak Moved some other scripts from misc to utils and Orange imports and canvas …
(edit) @10580:c4cbae8dcf8b   2 years markotoplak Moved deprecation functions, progress bar support and environ into …
(edit) @10578:29902b555575   2 years ales.erjavec Map internal class values order of libsvm to orange variable's native …
(edit) @10574:f7272ba4865d   2 years ales.erjavec Added support for custom kernels in get_binary_classifier.
(edit) @10573:70f6ce446c91   2 years ales.erjavec Added get_binary_classifier method to SVMClassifierWrapper.
(edit) @10542:7dde0640e266   2 years anze.staric Moved preprocess from Orange to
(edit) @10369:3d067903408f   2 years janez.demsar Polished documentation about SVM
(edit) @10300:28e3a1a057c6   2 years miha.stajdohar Attribute weight had wrong default () -> [].
(edit) @10133:4260174871fb   2 years jure.zbontar Fixed doc bug in svm
(edit) @10131:6fccec126623   2 years jure.zbontar Fixed doctests.
(edit) @10030:bcb85f6deaaa   2 years markotoplak Removed reference to variable.
(edit) @9933:bfe0b88220c4   2 years ales_erjavec Changed Score_SVMWeights to ScoreSVMWeights
(edit) @9923:5f55c90e0077   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature.
(edit) @9919:8a2a770ef3af   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature
(copy) @9671:a7b056375472   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 2)
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(copy) @9670:5548406b18c0   2 years anze.staric Moved orange to Orange (part 1)
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