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(edit) @11004:5ddd7631ebff   18 months miha.stajdohar Removed network from Orange.
(edit) @10714:82b428d012c5   2 years anze.staric Fixed mapping for functions in Orange.feature.selection that were renamed.
(edit) @10654:cd73789785b5   2 years markotoplak Moved selection from misc to utils.
(edit) @10581:94a831b04ec3   2 years markotoplak Moved some other scripts from misc to utils and Orange imports and canvas …
(edit) @10580:c4cbae8dcf8b   2 years markotoplak Moved deprecation functions, progress bar support and environ into …
(edit) @10542:7dde0640e266   2 years anze.staric Moved preprocess from Orange to
(edit) @10378:4d682c357ada   2 years janez.demsar More fixes due to refactoring of classification.rules
(edit) @10244:21a6fb4f0924   2 years anze.staric Fix for failing test_refactoring test.
(edit) @10238:d58af84b3ee5   2 years anze.staric Changed references to feature.continuization to data.continuization.
(edit) @10229:089c9c2a36de   2 years anze.staric Deleted CA_se.
(edit) @10125:a3060d239619   2 years gregorr Outliers corrected.
(edit) @10124:910ff8bac06c   2 years lanumek Testing scripts for classifier from var
(edit) @10071:20d148589507   2 years tomaz.curk Minor changes to Orange.feature.imputation.
(edit) @10056:da9c4379ea5a   2 years gregorr Moved CostMatrix (orange.CostMatrix -> Orange.misc.CostMatrix) and …
(edit) @10032:0d5d837b4d53   2 years tomaz.curk Porting of
(edit) @10031:3113e6606c8f   2 years tomaz.curk Documentation and porting of
(edit) @9991:ea1582e5e262   2 years crt.gorup Fixes for orngSQL.
(edit) @9986:c6ae4843d946   2 years markotoplak Added value transfromers to the hierarchy.
(edit) @9942:32d14842ffc7   2 years jure.zbontar Added missing comma.
(edit) @9936:08300d990d26   2 years markotoplak moved new_meta_ide from feature to feature.Descriptor
(edit) @9923:5f55c90e0077   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature.
(edit) @9920:6fa60e34fd8c   2 years markotoplak Merged.
(edit) @9918:4aa830c55525   2 years markotoplak data.variable -> feature (/fixes/)
(edit) @9912:722bb5ff85c3   2 years gregorr Changed -> Orange.misc.SymMatrix in …
(edit) @9860:aa0dcfd2b700   2 years blaz.zupan removed duplicate entries
(edit) @9858:4f5e31c29af8   2 years blaz.zupan some pycharm fixes (beautify)
(edit) @9857:d98d5b2edf95   2 years blaz.zupan EntropyDiscretization -> Entropy
(edit) @9852:495aab4b8952   2 years ales_erjavec Fixed some bad names in MAPPING.
(edit) @9722:25e9a610d61f   2 years markotoplak Orange.distance name changing.
(copy) @9697:b203c6d09c9b   2 years jure.zbontar Trivial merge
copied from orange/fixes/
(copy) @9695:255cf37871b3   2 years jure.zbontar Added Random to fix_change_names.
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