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(edit) @11654:3c47a792586a   8 months ales.erjavec Changed the global 'addons_corrupted' flag to a function.
(edit) @11653:705107ae06c1   8 months ales.erjavec Removed the use of global 'socket.setdefaulttimeout'. (fixes #1310).
(edit) @11597:2f4fbcb6396d   10 months ales.erjavec Delete global addons variable after use.
(edit) @11094:67f486d63faf   14 months ales.erjavec Running script in a subprocess. If the package uses …
(edit) @11071:e0b3d7e7dd61   15 months matija.polajnar addons: always close shelve after use.
(edit) @11037:4b41e882f3cb   17 months matija.polajnar Make add-on names case-insensitive; windows likes to have them all …
(edit) @11027:ad2ae0d2af82   17 months matija.polajnar Add-ons: if an add-on exists only on disk, fill its description with some …
(edit) @11025:b69249383d87   17 months matija.polajnar Add-ons: enable uninstallation on systems with pip installed.
(edit) @11024:e7cba04312ff   17 months matija.polajnar Add-ons: more robust handling of the add-ons database.
(edit) @11022:f55908d9df0c   17 months matija.polajnar Bugfix in addons: don't show bare "%s" in an error message.
(edit) @11021:258cd74e0722   17 months matija.polajnar Show progress during installation of add-ons.
(edit) @11020:ecf11f8d4342   17 months matija.polajnar Show progress during reloading of add-ons list.
(edit) @11018:b7cbf2b86522   17 months matija.polajnar Rewrite the add-on support modules and GUI to support the new properly …
(copy) @10581:94a831b04ec3   2 years markotoplak Moved some other scripts from misc to utils and Orange imports and canvas …
copied from Orange/misc/
(edit) @10580:c4cbae8dcf8b   2 years markotoplak Moved deprecation functions, progress bar support and environ into …
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