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(edit) @9512:ac4366f1face   2 years mitar File does not exist anymore.
(edit) @8951:dab530afe304   3 years mitar Improving Fink packages dependencies and separation.
(edit) @8947:7bc18e63740b   3 years mitar Packages were not split correctly anymore with Orange 2.5.
(edit) @8892:6511a0851f3d   3 years ales.erjavec Set PYTHONPATH for cmake for find PyQt4 in a non standard location.
(edit) @8885:2ebb55092220   3 years ales.erjavec Added pyqt4 to build dependency.
(edit) @8878:49746ee48a22   3 years ales.erjavec Try to compile orangeqt for fink by passing extra arguments to cmake.
(edit) @8850:2e2ca7a3e509   3 years mitar Fink package qt4-mac is obsolete, using qt4-base-mac instead.
(edit) @8816:7ef48a7dec2e   3 years mitar They say SIP is not needed at runtime.
(edit) @8784:152bcf8d9323   3 years mitar Providing orangeqt in Fink packages.
(edit) @8108:4a8c8f632d81   3 years mitar Added Fink networkX package. Now Orange packages support only Python 2.6 …
(edit) @8051:cb6525b569fe   3 years mitar Preparing for 64bit Fink packages.
(edit) @8031:86406203752c   3 years mitar Workaround not working.
(edit) @8030:152b952cd430   3 years mitar Trying to trick Fink into a workaround dependency.
(edit) @8028:62c72ebe7c7b   3 years mitar Adding dependency to fix missing files in upstream packages.
(edit) @7726:6b293fdadcd3   3 years mitar Updated Mac OS X Fink bundle with new PyQt paths.
(edit) @7662:4b6199c74355   3 years mitar Made script cleanup old repository.
(edit) @6943:80393def0c41   4 years Mitar Updated Mac OS X Fink packages to Python 2.7.
(edit) @6722:7f6090f4e0a4   4 years Mitar Made Fink bundle names versioned by Python version.
(add) @6717:bb0132c7c1b9   4 years Mitar Renamed Fink info files.
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