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(edit) @11533:a0eb042207e8   11 months ales.erjavec Changed Orange Canvas startup scripts to launch the new interface.
(edit) @11531:d6a84c97fd46   11 months ales.erjavec Set version to 2.7rc1
(edit) @11529:8adaabe1a15b   11 months ales.erjavec Mark version 2.6.1 for release.
(edit) @11362:147a905b25d4   14 months ales.erjavec Removed '-fpermissive' gcc compiler flag. Not needed since changeset …
(edit) @11306:a4b336affb0f   14 months ales.erjavec Removed new orange-canvas gui script, reverted to the old one.
(edit) @11288:4e6cc71ae208   15 months ales.erjavec Merged from biolab/orange
(edit) @11264:a5c2117750d3   15 months ales.erjavec Providing help for widgets.
(edit) @11216:93e23bd7ec3e   17 months ales.erjavec Merged from upstream (biolab/orange).
(edit) @11173:0bcd5f586f7a   18 months ales.erjavec Use white icons on black toolbar background.
(edit) @11128:fed3bc646b77   18 months ales.erjavec orange-canvas script now starts the new canvas (using setuptools …
(edit) @11085:7f846578bf26   15 months markotoplak Moved datasets from Orange/doc/datasets to Orange/datasets.
(edit) @11079:8804fbc2baab   15 months astaric Set version to 2.6.1
(edit) @11077:84d3895ad2a5   15 months astaric Set version to 2.6.
(edit) @11014:9bbd8243037c   18 months lan.zagar Shebang fix.
(edit) @11003:ca6cd8a5f59b   18 months miha.stajdohar Removed network entries.
(edit) @10991:d05853c8eea8   19 months miha.stajdohar Add-ons failed to load where numpydoc was not installed.
(edit) @10982:47102ef1df8d   20 months ales.erjavec Properly handle the '–dry-run' option.
(edit) @10977:69c197e609e8   20 months mlevar Version bump
(edit) @10973:c4f002bce47b   20 months miha.stajdohar Added numpydoc requirement.
(edit) @10881:f22adc7ab645   2 years mitar Use current version in documentation.
(edit) @10880:2a23b57b611f   2 years ales.erjavec Replaced 'distribute' dependency with 'setuptools'.
(edit) @10845:c2d42494144b   2 years ales.erjavec Renamed README.rst back to README.txt, added to …
(edit) @10840:486a8edec76b   2 years mitar Added distribute to dependencies.
(edit) @10830:78d1ccc9a074   2 years mstajdohar Fixed extension bug, again.
(edit) @10828:9f259a79f12b   2 years mitar A hack for to work on Ubuntu.
(edit) @10825:6afd3857cce8   2 years mitar Updated, README and current (future) version.
(edit) @10818:86a5e8a0cfb1   2 years mitar Automatically install setuptools if not present.
(edit) @10815:425fac56a06c   2 years mitar Updated
(edit) @10793:35713869d753   2 years ales.erjavec Don't fail if orangeqt's can't be imported (due to a missing …
(edit) @10792:7602a3f6b71e   2 years ales.erjavec Can now build orangeqt extension by running (optional) build_pyqt_ext …
(edit) @10763:907417d7e57b   2 years ales.erjavec Always unlink old liborange linknot just when using –force.
(edit) @10674:ac200cc97b30   2 years lan.zagar Replaced split('\n') with splitlines().
(edit) @10507:7fdc9fe7bf4c   2 years ales.erjavec Backout from my previous commit in rev 6a43533641ce
(edit) @10471:51b3ee98ec02   2 years ales.erjavec Removed the use of ugly builtin.ORANGESETUP. Instead use imp …
(edit) @10443:6a43533641ce   2 years ales.erjavec Update global VERSION variable so it matches the one in file
(edit) @10433:510c2b571117   2 years anze.staric Fixed a bug when crashed if .hg was missing. (fix inspired by …
(edit) @10424:f6a8e53e283b   2 years anze.staric Rearrangement of (inspired by numpy).
(edit) @10391:fee33477516a   2 years anze.staric Set version to 2.5a4
(edit) @10383:7326088caccf   2 years ales.erjavec Read version string from a 'version' file if it exists.
(edit) @10366:05baf2db4a6a   2 years ales.erjavec Fixed extras_require
(edit) @10364:cbdaebc9f99d   2 years anze.staric Install datasets used for testing.
(edit) @10360:afb1671a63c2   2 years ales.erjavec Removed script
(edit) @10359:0be12d7223fa   2 years ales.erjavec Added back networks and widget documentation to package_data.
(edit) @10355:0f8db234be5f   2 years anze.staric Merge
(edit) @10354:806a16e991b5   2 years anze.staric Updated list of files that get included with install.
(edit) @10353:601b0914c2e0   2 years anze.staric Merge
(edit) @10352:5b8a22072fef   2 years anze.staric Do not depend on numpy in since it might not be installed yet.
(edit) @10351:dc2ce7a256ff   2 years anze.staric Use setuptools whenever possible
(edit) @10350:4b3131ba1320   2 years anze.staric Fixed casing in pth file name.
(edit) @10349:da7bff0e3b13   2 years anze.staric Use setuptools version of install command when available (fixes failing …
(edit) @10344:e12d883dc490   2 years ales.erjavec Fixes to and to include required files in source …
(edit) @10333:bbad2239ee0c   2 years anze.staric Set version to 2.5a3
(edit) @10250:df207ee68f10   2 years ales_erjavec Also read ~/.orange-site.cfg file for configuration of 3rd party …
(edit) @10134:9d2c8c7dde89   2 years blaz.zupan Change of description for pypi.
(edit) @9925:51ca3f2ff52d   2 years ales_erjavec Fixed for building on windows.
(edit) @9893:9e2416dc9a71   2 years anze.staric Fixed a typo
(edit) @9879:ba03d04ad9e0   2 years ales_erjavec Changed installation layout. Orange package is installed directly in …
(edit) @9777:4cf72fb0dc39   2 years anze.staric Backward compatibility.
(edit) @9757:27213d4e7315   2 years anze.staric Updated (new directory structure)
(edit) @9610:7deb76f1ad2d   2 years ales_erjavec Added "_d" to linked orange library name for debug builds when required.
(edit) @9584:937a6885e8dd   2 years anze.staric Set version to 2.5a2
(edit) @9581:e0167f99e748   2 years ales_erjavec Don't build liborange_include.a in the build_lib directory so it does not …
(edit) @9576:485a708e855c   2 years ales_erjavec Moved 'orange-canvas' script to 'bin/orange-canvas'
(edit) @9574:a2598a0f3798   2 years ales_erjavec Removed maintainer info from package description.
(edit) @9572:30a165757255   2 years ales_erjavec Added script, removed the use of USE_SETUPTOOLS env variable …
(edit) @9557:3db591b97b0c   2 years anze.staric Fix to make build_ext -i work.
(add) @9185:4bb6c211649f   2 years anze.staric Added to root to enable installation with pip. (using pip install …
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