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(edit) @11606:f27665aa9f40   10 months ales.erjavec Changed TSVMClassifier constructor interface. It no longer requires …
(edit) @10968:4fc91cbe443f   20 months mlevar Added Clustering Trees to Orange.core
(edit) @10619:7cc00e1e2cac   2 years ales.erjavec Changed display names of SVMClassifier(Sparse).
(edit) @10517:06e40a135803   2 years martin Changes to rule learning.
(edit) @10377:2b8ddbb0e27c   2 years janez.demsar Fixed problems due to refactoring of classification.rules
(edit) @10299:9142959f9b3c   2 years miha.stajdohar Changed SVMLearner.setWeights doc string.
(edit) @10222:ba0d61857ad7   2 years janez.demsar merge
(edit) @10220:b6e694facf69   2 years janez.demsar Reenabled renaming of Orange classes (ticket #1086), added a script for …
(edit) @10206:f27323012018   2 years jure.zbontar Implement pickling for SimpleTreeLearner. Closes #1096.
(edit) @8981:db95844528c6   3 years ales.erjavec Refactored the code for LibSVM and LIBLINEAR. The sources are unmodified …
(edit) @8980:9d0d27f6fe7a   3 years ales.erjavec Reverting a bad commit in r12089 (did not preserve history).
(edit) @8978:f0ba3673b0a7   3 years ales.erjavec Refactored the code for LibSVM and LIBLINEAR. The sources are unmodified …
(edit) @8974:cd2399c8fb5f   3 years ales.erjavec Changed SVM and Linear Classifier saving/loading routines to avoid using a …
(edit) @8735:065a34c267f2   3 years matejd Moved over code from qtgraph branch, turned primitives into a module …
(edit) @8506:78e7ed99658a   3 years Noughmad Merge changes from trunk
(edit) @8378:c04b98476f4e   3 years Noughmad Merge changes from trunk
(edit) @8265:286e1388b62f   3 years miha.stajdohar
(edit) @8164:609689756179   3 years ales.erjavec Fixed a typo.
(edit) @8113:e99d2a29426c   3 years ales.erjavec Exposed the Earth model to python. Added pickling support.
(edit) @8074:844cfc478eae   3 years ales.erjavec Initial commit of Earth R package (MARS - Multivariate Adaptive Regression …
(edit) @8070:c48e8260b4b1   3 years ales.erjavec Undo the previous commit (will commit again when it works)
(edit) @8069:5e19a5dcaac0   3 years ales.erjavec
(edit) @8063:8be2c33e52c8   3 years jure.zbontar Added SimpleTreeLearner
(edit) @7715:1b96a16d0b01   3 years janez.demsar Most C++ classes which are exported through the new modules now show the …
(edit) @7665:3aede63f569f   3 years markotoplak Replaced Variable->name with setter and getter. Interface to Python …
(edit) @7654:d24acd5cabb2   3 years janez.demsar Method and attributes of C++ objects, which were exposed to Python in …
(edit) @7134:3bef4ba11b8d   3 years ales.erjavec - added SVMClassifier(Sparse)_new constructors to build working SVM's from …
(edit) @6531:57bdc92cd8e9   4 years janez.demsar - changed licenses to GPL 3.0
(edit) @6481:9eef644f4b65   4 years ales.erjavec - added setModel function to SVMClassifier - made all SVMClassifier …
(edit) @6379:cb257dce205e   4 years ales.erjavec - added SVMClassifier.getModel method
(edit) @6344:85d61e2f65bf   4 years martin Rule Classifier changes
(edit) @6239:22904cfdca83   5 years janez.demsar - changed int to Py_ssize_t where needed in response to …
(edit) @6194:bc0c87eb6f46   5 years janez.demsar
(edit) @6093:de1e8f46d55e   5 years miha.stajdohar removed test printout
(edit) @6091:fa83d5241a0f   5 years miha.stajdohar added weight parameter
(edit) @5923:f6ac7f74cb24   5 years martin Changes to rule learning.
(edit) @5056:ee2abc44151d   6 years janez.demsar - added binarization one-against-others to classification trees
(edit) @5030:3d0aac3f2e82   6 years janez.demsar - sparse inducer can now work on continuous attributes; zero's are treated …
(edit) @5003:2879b805b9b7   6 years janez.demsar - fixed a null-pointer problem in getting itemsets for sparse data
(edit) @5000:18108debf6a8   6 years janez.demsar - added getitemsets to sparse inducer
(edit) @4996:6cf2e949e0b3   6 years janez.demsar - association rules and itemsets now support 'storeExamples' (the examples …
(edit) @4929:b681ea055b6b   6 years janez.demsar - added named constants (e.g. varType now prints out as Discrete, …
(edit) @4678:d24dba5495fd   6 years janez.demsar - removed a redundant NO_KEYWORDS
(edit) @4533:06975659dd02   6 years ales.erjavec Added linear classifiers from LIBLINEAR
(edit) @4358:ac70368cbac6   6 years janez.demsar - ItemSetNode now exports read-only attributes for support and itemID
(edit) @4339:61b8a2c83ca2   6 years janez.demsar - sparse association rules inducer can now return a tree of itemsets
(edit) @4283:edc7f8795b5b   6 years martinm New rule-logit classifie
(edit) @4210:0a526d0837bc   7 years ales.erjavec changed base class of TSVMClassifier to TClassifierFD
(edit) @4078:fe5b37c2f934   7 years janez.demsar - fixed the doc string for kNN
(edit) @3769:e894c2740243   7 years janez.demsar - fixed a vs 2005 warning (conversion of char to bool)
(edit) @3745:9a1e35afe575   7 years ales.erjavec seperated the code for pickling SVMClassifier and SVMClassifierSparse
(edit) @3730:f2a248ef511d   7 years martinm no message
(edit) @3665:6ea150892d6a   7 years janez.demsar - a minor fix to avoid warning in MS VC
(edit) @3662:28b8d996df34   7 years ales.erjavec Added SVMLearnerSparse
(edit) @3635:8d8e488dcfc8   7 years ales.erjavec SVM pickling
(edit) @3631:5d66e1d61c7e   7 years ales.erjavec no message
(edit) @3605:039232a71688   7 years ales.erjavec SVMClassifier pickling
(edit) @3576:a03e6b4fb65f   7 years martinm EVC rules
(edit) @3434:19c88255bc41   7 years ales.erjavec added getDecisionValues functin to SVMClasifier
(edit) @3405:4181f043d6bd   7 years martinm minimal beta in classifiers added
(edit) @3284:bfdae9b269e5   7 years janez.demsar - fixed copyright notices
(edit) @3216:86f30ea6734d   7 years cvso - nothing really changed
(edit) @3207:6c40ecb68a89   7 years cvso - migrated to numpy - numpy is now required (removed compiler option …
(edit) @3200:4213da0c0e98   7 years janez.demsar - added support for numarray and numpy - compatibility break: toNumeric, …
(edit) @3181:dcb04251b825   7 years janez.demsar - added constants describing the attribute selection for linear regression
(edit) @3167:c544a49b5471   7 years martinm no message
(edit) @3059:178539105516   7 years janez.demsar - minor fix in a documentation string
(edit) @2708:d2c425049a1e   8 years janez.demsar - added pickling
(edit) @2688:a8a83cbd9c37   8 years janez.demsar - P2NN now alows omitting bases, offsets, normalizers and averages - fixed …
(edit) @2640:76a7a4f79ea4   8 years janez.demsar - TreeStopCriteria_call now allows passing None for contingency
(edit) @2185:cb5b88c69783   8 years martinm no message
(edit) @2164:5e33550e135b   8 years ales.erjavec added KernelFunc
(edit) @2138:e9c9e60cd6ba   8 years ales.erjavec Added constants to SVMLearner
(edit) @1570:68bacb38b249   9 years janez.demsar * empty log message *
(edit) @1555:2634f73a197c   9 years janez.demsar - added ExampleTable.toMA - callCallback (in callback.cpp) does not DECREF …
(edit) @1550:1e70b4f262b5   9 years martinm added new validation before best rule is replaced in beam search
(edit) @1547:7fea74844cff   9 years janez.demsar - fixed a bug in TreeSplitConstructor_Python (invalid arguments in …
(edit) @1489:0407ed080848   9 years janez.demsar * empty log message *
(edit) @1449:338f13d18ceb   9 years janez.demsar - added PNNClassifier - LinRegLearner now uses R instead of GSL
(edit) @1445:fbbeae30a63a   9 years martinm Some changes in rule clasess' call functions
(edit) @1422:ed0f9b92a4ee   9 years martinm Removed several bug related to rule learning.
(edit) @1337:7bbbc34159ef   9 years janez.demsar This is a merge of dll-try branch. From this version on, it is possible …
(edit) @1269:1d1bf0c19b3d   9 years janez.demsar - fixed a bug due to porting to gcc 3.4: vector templates used …
(edit) @1263:9e8e0c2ab7eb   9 years janez.demsar - a version that compiles on gcc 3.4.4, except for the missing wml …
(edit) @1248:cc20c80d4383   9 years martinm - added callbacks - debuged - added Laplace Evaluator - added …
(edit) @1225:7c285e3b893c   9 years janez.demsar no message
(edit) @1215:3a635501d8bc   9 years janez.demsar - added RuleLearner and the corresponding objects - added triangulation - …
(edit) @871:4628e7bac551   10 years janez.demsar - some methods that accepted weightID always required an integer, even …
(edit) @763:287ef8cb4298   10 years janez.demsar - changes in TransformValue: - moved all tranformers to transval.[ch]pp …
(edit) @762:acc3e98870d3   10 years janez.demsar Orange now requires GSL! - added linear regression - added lwr
(edit) @644:42b8cdcbf828   10 years martinm - All relevant variables (beta, errors of beta, ...) changed from …
(edit) @470:36cac5cced5c   10 years janez.demsar - weights can now (everywhere) be given by name or Variable - …
(edit) @441:6ec40d21164c   10 years janez.demsar - _str and _repr for various classes now correctly call callback functions
(edit) @352:bd5659245a1d   10 years martinm - removed attribute exception_at_singularity - callback is working now
(edit) @351:5de1f3163153   10 years janez.demsar no message
(edit) @349:6e94faf8d118   10 years janez.demsar no message
(edit) @348:3150e87db903   10 years janez.demsar no message
(edit) @347:73a2ddcb1cfe   10 years martinm no message
(edit) @338:6d385e609d76   11 years janez.demsar no message
(edit) @323:dad512f8cdaf   11 years janez.demsar - fixed a bug in parsing arguments of - changed …
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