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(edit) @11703:9b8d8ab7820c   7 months janez.demsar Removed the GPL copyright notice from all files except orangeqt.
(edit) @11670:d967a4ceb8b4   8 months bjoern.esser Updated the included LIBLINEAR to version 1.93.
(edit) @11611:8adbcea5b7b2   10 months ales.erjavec Fixed a memory leak when raising an exception.
(edit) @11610:33695add91c0   10 months ales.erjavec Cleanup of TLinearLearner/Classifier. The training examples are sorted …
(edit) @11016:e9a6850a6818   17 months ales.erjavec Fix the weight vector exposed to python if liblinear internally reorders …
(edit) @10951:655f08245c8f   21 months ales.erjavec Explicitly return the number of class values. Apparently this worked when …
(edit) @10948:c1bc9e5b584e   22 months ales.erjavec Fixed weight vector initialization when class values are missing from …
(edit) @10772:522e3d166e79   2 years ales.erjavec Map the weight vectors in LinearClassifier from internal liblinear order …
(edit) @10771:a99c79bb08d1   2 years ales.erjavec Added 'bias' parameter to LinearLearner. Cleaned up old unused code.
(edit) @10683:1b0de9127ecc   2 years ales.erjavec Set random seed before calling liblinear's train function.
(edit) @10675:d820ffbd6b17   2 years ales.erjavec Convert the instance domain prior to prediction.
(edit) @9409:7d3dab3e062b   2 years janez.demsar Fixed a warning in Visual Studio 10.0
(add) @8978:f0ba3673b0a7   3 years ales.erjavec Refactored the code for LibSVM and LIBLINEAR. The sources are unmodified …
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