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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1312 Add HDF5 file support to Orange library wish new 06/05/13
#1174 Add more unit tests for ExampleTable.save library task new 04/06/12
#1270 Add multi color gradient for SOM component planes library wish new 01/21/13
#1290 Add support for mingw32 compiler library wish new 02/27/13
#1224 .arff format transformation other bug new 08/11/12
#10 Attribute Statistics: napisati na novo library wish new 05/02/07
#1201 Building of binary add-ons other task miha new 06/15/12
#1292 Can't Load Text Add On library bug new 03/19/13
#1273 Canvas crashes on exit when using Discretize widget canvas bug new 01/28/13
#1169 Check unpickling of Variables library task new 03/30/12
#1291 Connect to a mysql using a unix_socket other wish new 03/12/13
#1297 Crash while loading C4.5 data other bug new 04/14/13
#1286 Ctrl + Q shortcut new-canvas wish new 02/20/13
#32 Data sample: Oznaka folda kot nov atribut bug new 05/07/07
#1196 Data table segfault library bug janez new 06/13/12
#1367 Differential expression modifies the input attribtues 'labels' addon/bioinformatics bug ales new 04/16/14
#1366 Differential Expression widget does not remember threshold parameters addon/bioinformatics wish ales new 04/16/14
#1222 display line number on C4.5 "invalid length of example" error library wish new 08/02/12
#1257 Documentation for building orangeqt with setup.py is missing canvas bug ales new 12/12/12
#1164 Documentation included in the install packages documentation task ales new 03/29/12
#1203 DomainContinuizer and multitarget data library bug ales new 06/18/12
#1300 Double downloads in obiOMIM.py addon/bioinformatics bug vid new 04/23/13
#1259 EarthLearner fails TestLearners precheck canvas bug ales new 12/19/12
#1228 Empty string attribute values at Weka .arff export library bug new 08/16/12
#1184 error function in widgets should also accept an exception instance. canvas wish ales new 05/04/12
#1319 Error installing orange-text addon/textmining bug new 07/22/13
#1162 ExamplesDistance_Relief and ignoreClass library task new 03/27/12
#1311 Execute a saved scheme headlessly library wish new 06/05/13
#1241 Executing long-running python scripts hang the orange-canvas UI canvas bug new 11/14/12
#1313 Expand functionality of groupby widget. library wish echlebek new 06/12/13
#1218 Fix for connecting to postgres server library bug new 07/25/12
#1349 Generating more data with some noise other bug janez new 12/10/13
#1337 Gene Set Enrichment progress bar cycles over addon/bioinformatics bug marko new 10/30/13
#1210 get rid of server files server part - use something standard library task marko new 06/29/12
#1280 Graphical glitch: the lines between widgets sometimes break up in two parts new-canvas bug new 02/14/13
#1200 GUI interface for installation of add-ons canvas task ales new 06/15/12
#1173 Implement a better input/output declarations for widgets. canvas wish ales new 04/06/12
#1216 Import cycles addon/bioinformatics bug new 07/17/12
#1197 Inconsistent SVMClassifier library bug ales new 06/14/12
#1285 Installer doeas not work - manual installation yields QT4 incompatibility library bug ales assigned 02/15/13
#1344 It is hard to distinguish selected nodes on the canvas new-canvas bug als new 11/14/13
#15 Load File wizard library wish new 05/02/07
#13 Logisticna regresija: prikaz odds ratio library wish martin new 05/02/07
#1298 Middle mouse button for scrolling canvas canvas wish new 04/14/13
#1307 Modal dialogs do not have a close window button in GNOME 3 new-canvas bug ales new 05/24/13
#1150 Multi-dimensional class variables library wish new 03/22/12
#1187 Naive Bayes in Orange or Weka library check marko accepted 05/14/12
#1175 NaiveLearner on continuous features library bug anze new 04/11/12
#1303 network add-on not shown after installation other bug miha new 04/25/13
#1284 NMF not working library bug MarinkaZitnik assigned 02/15/13
#1189 On-line scripting reference should be cleaned up slightly documentation bug assigned 05/28/12
#1225 Only one decimal after feature constructor widget canvas bug ales assigned 08/14/12
#1231 Optimize the Predictions widget canvas wish ales new 09/11/12
#1322 Orange 2.7 association rules inducer crashes Python for discrete table with negative values library bug ales accepted 08/21/13
#1235 Orange Canvas will not run canvas bug new 10/16/12
#1204 Orange.evaluation.testing documentation documentation bug anze new 06/20/12
#1223 Orange GUI for ETL jobs? other wish askeluv new 08/08/12
#1351 Orange instalation on Mac offsets the icons canvas bug ales new 12/13/13
#1258 orangeqt sip build flags library bug ales new 12/13/12
#1177 Orange Schema canvas wish marko assigned 04/13/12
#1199 Orange wickets within java library bug sjaakvw new 06/15/12
#1215 organize the Downloads page web bug marko new 07/09/12
#1185 pick_class #RNGE bug library bug janez assigned 05/08/12
#1339 Preprocess widget crashes. new-canvas bug ales new 11/01/13
#1363 problems with rendering of widget help pages canvas bug ales new 04/12/14
#1265 Prototypes/Transpose widget fails with unknown values canvas bug ales new 01/09/13
#1212 PyListModel should not use deprecated __getslice__, __setslice__ ... canvas bug ales new 07/03/12
#1163 Python 3 support library wish new 03/28/12
#1340 Python Script widget should update on changes in Console new-canvas wish miha new 11/01/13
#1254 Recent 'Documentation data sets' canvas task ales new 11/26/12
#1302 Redirection in OMIM disease links addon/bioinformatics bug vid new 04/25/13
#1151 Reimplement RemoveRedundantOneValue and RemoveUnused values in Python library task new 03/23/12
#1350 Sample on any change in Data Sampler canvas wish ales new 12/13/13
#1268 'Save as matplotlib script' does not always work. canvas bug ales new 01/21/13
#1274 ScatterPlot "Auto Send" settings are in the wrong tab canvas bug new 01/31/13
#31 Scatterplot: trendline bug gregor new 05/02/07
#1314 Scatterplot/visualization draw order canvas wish ales new 07/05/13
#1345 Scatter Plot / Vizrank -> Show k-NN Wrong error canvas bug ales new 11/14/13
#1279 "Scheme" vs. "Schema" new-canvas check new 02/14/13
#1334 "Select Data" losses all filters when adding an attribute to the input data canvas wish ales new 10/18/13
#1193 Sesutje ob uporabi net file-a library bug miha assigned 06/05/12
#1172 sip4 crash on Ubuntu 10.10 when trying to use Visualization widgets library bug new 04/04/12
#1155 Statistics in linear regression library bug lan new 03/26/12
#1227 String attributes export to Weka .arff library bug new 08/16/12
#1293 SVMClassifier.get_binary_classifier raises a IndexError library bug ales new 03/20/13
#1230 Table.save() method missing from the documentation documentation bug janez assigned 09/04/12
#1182 The Canvas main function should run some checks and display canvas wish ales new 04/23/12
#1281 Too narrow widget "ears" for links new-canvas bug new 02/14/13
#1229 TreeClassifier to_networkx_tree() function library wish marko assigned 08/27/12
#1205 TypeError in Select Attributes on Orange Canvas canvas bug ales assigned 06/22/12
#1357 Unable to visualize data from SQLite database library bug new 02/03/14
#1360 UnicodeDecodeError when clicking <Report> in any widget library bug reopened 03/06/14
#1309 Update Python and PyQt4 in the windows installer packages. other bug ales new 05/29/13
#1346 Use scroll bar widgets for shown column selection in PIPA and other widgets library wish ales new 11/20/13
#1165 What does earth do if it encounters unknown class values? library check new 03/29/12
#1191 Widget for non-negative factorization addon/bioinformatics wish new 05/29/12
#1179 Widget highlighting canvas wish blaz assigned 04/19/12
#52 Widget, ki podatke posilja po casu wish new 05/15/07
#1296 Widgets and multitarget domains canvas bug ales new 03/27/13
#1264 Widgets taking an SymMatrix should not fail when it does not have a '.items' attribute canvas bug ales new 01/09/13
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