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#1334 "Select Data" losses all filters when adding an attribute to the input data canvas new ales 10/18/13
#1220 ODBC/SQL Server connector library closed fixed Slach 01/10/14
#1354 Strange numeric corruption bug in reading simple .txt file? library closed wontfix 01/09/14
#1348 Atribute Error when running k-means clustering other closed fixed ales 12/16/13
#1330 Filter fails when comparing some continuous values library closed fixed Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…> 12/03/13
#1342 Bug in widgetscheme library closed fixed ales 11/08/13
#1341 Orange fails to compile on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) library closed fixed ales 11/06/13
#1327 Neural network library closed invalid 10/27/13
#1333 Pickling an empty Orange.data.Table causes a segfault library closed fixed ales 10/10/13
#1332 Orange.data.Value comparison for unknown values is inconsistent library closed fixed ales 10/08/13
#1331 Canvas: error WidgetManager and SignalManager new-canvas closed fixed ales 10/08/13
#1329 C4.5 reader mistakes continous attributes as discrete library closed invalid 09/30/13
#1190 Segfault when displaying data instances with discrete features library closed fixed janez 09/18/13
#1326 Crash on import library closed fixed 09/18/13
#1321 Feature selection (Orange.feature.selection) strips out metas/class_vars library closed fixed 09/11/13
#1323 Removing an input from the Test Learners widget does not update the outputs canvas closed fixed ales 09/02/13
#1243 Segmentation fault when training a randomforest learner library closed fixed jurezb 07/11/13
#1306 Fix global widget settings persistence canvas closed fixed ales 07/02/13
#1289 Loosing recent files new-canvas closed worksforme ales 05/22/13
#1301 Broken links web closed fixed miha 04/24/13
#1294 UnicodeDecodeError when loading/saving widget settings canvas closed fixed ales 04/17/13
#1217 Crash with error message 'Singular matrix' library closed worksforme lanz 04/08/13
#1295 Widgets and multitarget domains canvas closed duplicate ales 04/02/13
#1287 Text in the canvas scene should be specified in pixels not points. new-canvas closed fixed ales 02/21/13
#1253 Error in probability estimator constructor argument parsing library closed fixed janez 02/20/13
#1276 Add-on instalation through the Add-on dialog does not work on windows library closed fixed ales 02/11/13
#1207 python26 pacakge's orangeqt is liked to python27.dll not python26.dll library closed fixed ales 02/06/13
#1236 Segfault after upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 library closed fixed ales 02/06/13
#1238 Beginner library closed invalid 02/06/13
#1250 text handling canvas closed fixed ales 02/06/13
#1261 Arduino data stream processing library closed invalid 02/06/13
#1260 Segmentation fault on in_data.clone() canvas closed fixed ales 01/02/13
#1255 Problem with first attempt to import orange other closed fixed ales 12/05/12
#1252 single click on empty canvas replaces double click canvas closed wontfix ales 11/26/12
#1251 document name upon first save/save as canvas closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1249 toggle arrow button upon selection library closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1248 enable removal of selected arrow library closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1246 tab in Scheme Info description should change focus to name canvas closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1245 untitled in Scheme Info should be selected canvas closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1244 cancel in scheme info should return to welcome screen canvas closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1247 simplify edge labels in canvas canvas closed fixed ales 11/22/12
#1242 Add-on dialog problems in Win 7 canvas closed fixed matija 11/16/12
#1226 'Reporting' no longer works in Bioinformatics add-on library closed fixed ales 11/09/12
#1239 LibLinear weights library closed fixed ales 11/08/12
#1209 Problem while developing Orange in Eclipse other closed worksforme matija 10/30/12
#1232 matplotlib 1.1.0: Legend does not support ... library closed fixed ales 10/01/12
#1233 orange build warning library closed wontfix 09/21/12
#1211 Exception "raise LinAlgError, 'Singular matrix'" when attribute has value of o in all examples in Linear Regression library closed worksforme lanz 07/24/12
#1208 Gene Selection widget bug addon/bioinformatics closed fixed ales 06/29/12
#1195 RandomForestClassifer gives cpp assertion error, followed by core dump library closed fixed jurezb 06/19/12
#1198 multi-target scoring: RMSE works, CA does not. library closed fixed lanz 06/14/12
#1039 head & foot web closed fixed mitar 05/29/12
#1188 [PATCH] headers: clean up #includes library closed fixed 05/23/12
#1167 MultiTreeLearner does not work with single class .tab library closed fixed Lan Zagar <lan.zagar@…> 03/30/12
#1153 Small Bug in Orange Canvas canvas closed fixed Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…> 03/29/12
#1154 Canvas improvements canvas closed fixed Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…> 03/29/12
#1141 pickling of SimpleTreeLerrner segfaults library closed fixed 2.0 janez 03/19/12
#1119 UnicodeEncodeError while browsing for files in a directory containing accent library closed fixed 2.0 ales 03/13/12
#776 orngMCPrediction, orngMultiClass, orngMultivariatePrediciton library closed wontfix 2.0 matija 02/07/12
#818 Write a blog entry about tree improvements in Orange web closed fixed jurezb 08/25/11
#926 User permissions other closed fixed mitar 08/22/11
#871 Write a blog entry about an Orange poster at ISMB web closed fixed marko 08/03/11
#817 Write a blog entry about networkx support in Orange web closed fixed miha 08/02/11
#864 Blog RSS feed URLs are broken web closed fixed mitar 07/27/11
#287 Nastavitve traca library closed fixed 2.0 janez 11/21/08
#1 test library closed fixed major somebody 09/12/07
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