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SQL module does not recognize discrete attributes

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Dear Janez;

I have changed and add D# as the prefix of the column name, but it still doesn't work Yes, this OWSQL.py never out form the prototype. I believe that this module is very useful for Orange as a data mining tool.

Your help is appreciated



On 1/8/2012 4:58 PM, Janez Demsar wrote:


the SQL widget never made it out from prototypes, I guess. But it should be handle discrete attributes (I used it quite a lot some time ago). Can you try what happens if you change the column name to D#rkn_id - as I remember, the prefix D# can be used to explicitly tell Orange to treat the attribute as discrete.



On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 10:32 AM, invanos <invanos@…> wrote:

Hi Janez;

I am new in Orange Canvas, and very amazed with this software.

I am planning to use Orange as part of my big project that will be connected to Postgre & MySQL. I have been trying to explore the possibility to use OWSQL module as the entry point to access the above database. It gives me error if the field contains text, but success for numeric.

The error is " Error: 'orange.FloatVariable': 'a' is not a legal value for continues attribute 'rkn_id'

Note –> a is the content of rkn_id field, which is text

my question is

  1. Is OWSQL only able to access numeric values?
  2. How to handle discrete variables? I assume that it always treats

numeric as continues variable?

  1. How to resolve the above case, if the table contain text?

Your assistance and respond is highly appreciated

Thank you

regards, Invanos

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