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na svezi instalaciji se zrusi KEGG

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KEGG widget se na svezi instalaciji zrusi (dal sem mu "brown selected", nalozil KEGG Orthology, KEGG reference pathways, KEGG pathways za S cerevisiae in M musculus)

Unhandled exception of type IOError occured at 10:52:27:
  File: OWBaseWidget.py, line 570 in processSignals
  Code: handler(value)
    File: OWKEGGPathwayBrowser.py, line 292 in SetData
    Code: self.Update()
      File: OWKEGGPathwayBrowser.py, line 459 in Update
      Code: uniqueGenes, conflicting, unknown = self.org.get_unique_gene_ids(set(genes), self.caseSensitive)
        File: obiKEGG.py, line 874 in get_unique_gene_ids
        Code: names = self.genematcher.match(gene)
          File: obiKEGG.py, line 782 in _get_genematcher
          Code: self._genematcher.set_targets(self.genes.keys())
            File: obiKEGG.py, line 891 in genes
            Code: return self.api._genes[self.org]
              File: obiKEGG.py, line 268 in __missing__
              Code: self.__setattr__(key, self.interface._load_gene_database(key))
                File: obiKEGG.py, line 425 in _load_gene_database
                Code: genes = map(DBGeneEntry, filter(bool ,self._retrieve(rel_path+self._taxonomy[org][0] + ".ent", from_ or "kegg_organism_%s.tar.gz" % org).read().split("///\n")))
                  File: obiKEGG.py, line 471 in _retrieve
                  Code: return open(os.path.join(self.local_database_path, from_, filename), mode)
                    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/blazzupan/Library/Caches/orange/bigfiles/KEGG/kegg_organism_mmu.tar.gz/genes/organisms/mmu/M.musculus.ent' 

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