16:54 Ticket #1260 (Segmentation fault on in_data.clone()) closed by Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…>
fixed: In [782c9d850e72c1fbccaa1e7c965019ab9f516f80/orange]: […]
16:45 Changeset in orange [11048:782c9d850e72] by Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…>
defaultFixed 'TExampleTable.clone' method (erroneous copy constructor for …
10:11 Ticket #1261 (Arduino data stream processing) created by donsez
Hi Is that one of you connect an Arduino board  http://www.arduino.cc (or …


11:54 Changeset in orange [11047:a55510deaeb3] by blaz <blaz.zupan@…>
defaultsmall change (to test if web page is responsive)
10:03 WikiStart edited by ubershmekel
No need to reference deprecated repo (diff)


13:46 Ticket #1260 (Segmentation fault on in_data.clone()) created by ubershmekel
To reproduce: 1. make an empty canvas 2. add a python node and pipe data …


13:56 Changeset in orange [11046:3fe036b7f838] by Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…>
defaultFixed widget catalog documentation to properly include and link to old …
11:21 Ticket #1259 (EarthLearner fails TestLearners precheck) created by ales
If the domain size is small (less than 4). In line 326 […] n can be too …


15:37 Ticket #1258 (orangeqt sip build flags) created by ales
source:orange/source/orangeqt/setup.py falsely assumes PyQtw was build …


11:26 Ticket #1257 (Documentation for building orangeqt with setup.py is missing) created by ales
It should be included in INSTALL.txt in the source root


11:16 Ticket #1256 (Cannot connect to mysql when password has a "@".) created by linkerlin
from Orange.data.sql import * r = SQLReader() …


13:34 Ticket #884 (Test setup.py script with cygwin and visual c++ compilers) closed by ales
13:31 Ticket #1194 (Packaging for windows needs to be updated to include Orange.egg-info dir) closed by ales
fixed: msi installer is out of scope
11:07 Ticket #1186 (Add scipy to win full package installer) closed by ales
11:06 Ticket #1255 (Problem with first attempt to import orange) closed by ales
fixed: Replying to sreastman: > When will scipy be included in the …


13:09 Changeset in orange-reliability [31:f64b10f3df7f] by Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…>
defaultAdded new svg widget icon.
10:35 Changeset in orange-bioinformatics [1727:9cb1de35eb56] by Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…>
defaultCreate the destination directory if it does not exist.


17:53 Changeset in orange-bioinformatics [1726:6778e0225b86] by Ales Erjavec <ales.erjavec@…>
defaultAdded new icons by Peter Cuhalev and replaced existing ones with expanded …
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