Orange Wiki and Ticketing System

This wiki and ticketing system is based on Trac and if you are not familiar with it please read TracGuide and its WikiFormatting. If you want to follow changes use notifications or timeline.

To edit wiki content, open new tickets or participate in them you have to register.


If you need support for using or developing Orange please refer to our forum and do not use tickets for that. Tickets should be used for bug reports and wishes.


You are welcome to join the development. Start by checking the  source code and existing tickets. Bugs, wishes and ideas can be reported through tickets. Sadly, not everything is to be found in tickets, as we often discuss things in person. Nevertheless, you can open a discussion through a relevant (or new) ticket or try our development Skype chat.

For IDE, we highly recommend  JetBrain's  PyCharm. Orange is a big project and we cannot imagine developing it without such a great tool.

Source code

You can get it from our repository as described on our home page, but you can also  browse it.