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3D visualization in Orange

The aim of this project is to develop a base module for 3D visualization (using OpenGL). Its functionality should be similar to that of the current base module, OWGraph, but for 3D.


Before May 23

  • getting to know Orange, OWGraph in detail
  • sample applications, project discussion

May 23 - June 19

Duplicating OWGraph functionality (also, staying in sync with the new implementation being developed by Miha).

  • drawing lines, dots, polygons, axes, labels, markers, scales, legends, grids
  • different plot styles (lines only, dots only, filled-polygon, bars, wireframe)

June 20 - July 10 School assignments will mean less progress on the project. Testing, bugfixing, examples.

July 11 - July 25

  • interactive part (zooming, rotation, translation; keyboard shortcuts/mouse)
  • tooltip management
  • tests

July 18 - July 31 Example 3D widgets

  • 3D scatter plot and
  • 3D net explorer

August 1 - August 15 Testing, documentation.