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3D visualization in Orange

The aim of this project is to develop a base module for 3D visualization (using OpenGL). Its functionality should be similar to that of the current base module, OWGraph, but for 3D. As an example usage, Scatterplot3D and 3D net explorer widgets should also be developed.


Before May 23

  • getting to know Orange, OWGraph in detail
  • sample applications, project discussion

May 23 - June 19

  • duplicate OWGraph functionality (also, stay in sync with the new implementation being developed by Miha).
  • implement Scatterplot3D together with OWGraph3D (anything that scatterplot might need)
  • inspect QwtPlot3D, port over features of interest
  • don't break anything

June 20 - July 10 School assignments will mean less progress on the project. Testing, bugfixing, examples.

July 11 - July 31

  • 3D net explorer + OWGraph3D functionality

August 1 - August 15

  • tests, documentation.