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OSX + PyCharm

Open PyCharm, select Checkout from Version Control.

Enter orange repository url and select a location where it should be cloned to.

Wait ... (it took 7min on my computer, but it might be even longer).

Open preferences (CMD + ,) and select Python Interpreters

If the python interpreter with PyQt installed is not listed, you should add it. Clicking + and select the interpreter you want to use.

Create a new virtualenv, make sure you select the correct Base interpreter and check Inherit global site-packages.

When indexing stop, select Run > Edit configurations and create a new configuration for develop.

Run the newly created configuration, it should build the c part of orange. It should be run after every pull from the orange repository.

If you plan to develop widgets, you should also create two more Python configurations, old canvas, pointing to .../orange/Orange/OrangeCanvas/orngCanvas.pyw new canvas, pointing to .../orange/Orange/OrangeCanvas/