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Documentation for Orange 2.5

Write Orange documentation according to  NumPy / SciPy documentation style guide. We now use NumPy Sphinx extension to format the rst documentation. Do not forget to install numpydoc (easy_install numpydoc) as described in the  Building the NumPy API and reference docs.

The documentation is on the SVN (source:trunk/), in orange/doc/Orange. It can be compiled with  Sphinx. Compiled documentation can be found here (still work in progress). Please also refer to the current documentation.

See README.txt in that directory for building instructions.

The actual documentation is intermixed in orange/doc/Orange/rst and scripts in orange/Orange. Regression testing and scripts are in orange/Orange/rst/code. Additional files, such as images, go into orange/Orange/rst/files.

Tips and Tricks

  • help with ReStructuredText
  • When manually describing a C++ class, use the .. py:class:: instead of .. class:: if you need to describe the parameters taken by the constructor. For example, this works as intended:
    .. py:class:: Orange.classification.rules.RuleLearner(storeExamples = true, targetClass = -1, baseRules = Orange.classification.rules.RuleList())