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Documentation for Orange 2.5

Write Orange documentation according to  NumPy / SciPy documentation style guide. We now use NumPy Sphinx extension to format the rst documentation. Do not forget to install numpydoc (easy_install numpydoc) as described in the  Building the NumPy API and reference docs.

The documentation is in the repository (source), in docs/reference/. It can be compiled with  Sphinx. Compiled documentation can be found here.

See README.txt in that directory for building instructions.

The actual documentation is intermixed in docs/reference/rst and scripts in orange/Orange. Regression testing and scripts are in docs/reference/rst/code. Additional files, such as images, go into docs/reference/rst/files.

Tips and Tricks

  • help with ReStructuredText
  • When manually describing a C++ class, use the .. py:class:: instead of .. class:: if you need to describe the parameters taken by the constructor. For example, this works as intended:
    .. py:class:: Orange.classification.rules.RuleLearner(storeExamples = true, targetClass = -1, baseRules = Orange.classification.rules.RuleList())