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    9494Level from 1 (beginner) to 5 (professional): 4 
    96 == Check documentation == 
     96== Documentation proofreading and improvement == 
    9898We have quite a lot of documentation for different aspects of Orange (widgets, scripting...) and of course a lot of it is still missing/incomplete/could be improved a lot. But some things could be done already on existing documentation, like checking the language itself (we are not English native speakers), proof-reading, checking if all examples (still) really work, find new and/or better examples and so on. 
    114114Level from 1 (beginner) to 5 (professional): 4 
     116== Development of screen casts == 
     118Current documentation of Orange widget is static. There are about a 100 widgets, all of them are described with screen shots and in text. This is a bit boring, and often does not provide much help for a really novice users. We believe that this is where Orange could shine. It is a really simple to use system, but current documentation fails to present it in this way. We would instead need fresh, informative screen casts, each no longer than 2 minutes, explaining what each widget does, how can it be integrated in a useful schema. The screen casts should probably show the narrator in first person, describing the problem that the widget solves in first person, and then focusing on a schema with an example.  
     120The screen casts would then be included in the documentation of widgets, but would also be available in each widget by clicking on Help button. The project would in this way develop a tagged library of screen, probably published on YouTube. 
     122Useful skills: English proficiency, video and sound editing, talent for staging, some knowledge of data mining 
     124Level from 1 (beginner) to 5 (professional): 2 
     126== A social platform for Orange ==