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    126126== A social platform for Orange == 
     128Orange's visual programming environment can incorporate any of its over a 100 widgets into schemas that do clustering, classification, visualization-based analysis, PCA, and many others. A repository of typical schemas would be most welcome: the novice users could choose from the already defined schemas and analyze their own data with them, the intermediate users could use the library to improve/augment their own schemas, and experienced users would be able to store their inventions into a repository for others to use. Orange could also train a widget recommendation system from the schemas in the repository. The repository could feature tagging, liking, commenting, and everything that a social platform can provide. Schemas in the repository could be described in text or video. 
     130In summary, the project would develop a new social platform for data mining solutions, possibly relying on existing solution (e.g. [ myExperiment]) or crafting something new (and simpler?). The repository would feature web access, but schemas from it should also be available in Orange (browsing, uploading and downloading). Seamless integration of repository and Orange is crucial to the success of this project. 
     132Useful skills: knowledge on how to develop a social platform (possibly Django), Python programming, some knowledge of data mining/machine learning would help as well 
     134Level from 1 (beginner) to 5 (professional): 4 to 5