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    3333Level from 1 (beginner) to 5 (professional): 4 
    35 == Documentation proofreading and improvement with code examples == 
     35== Test scripts, example scripts and documentation == 
    37 We have quite a lot of documentation for different aspects of Orange (widgets, scripting...) and of course a lot of it is still missing/incomplete/could be improved a lot. But some things could be done already on existing documentation, like checking the language itself (we are not English native speakers), proofreading and so on. 
     37Orange comes with substantial documentation for scripting which, in places, could be substantially improved. Also, Orange 2.5 with its new class hierarchy and functions is coming, and code snippets and corresponding documentation would both require a revision. The project would embark in design of new use cases (snippets of code to demonstrate various aspects of orange), review of present set of snippets, and integration of code snippets within the documentation. 
    39 Along it and important aspect should be also checking if all examples (still) really work and come up with new and/or better examples. Maybe also integrate them with our unit tests for the code. We also have GUI and more schema examples (saved state of Orange canvas with all widgets, etc.) for it would be useful. 
     39Snippets in documentation also serve as regression scripts upon which Orange is tested daily. Another purpose of this project is to increase the number and coverage of regression scripts. 
    41 So in short: more and better examples along with documentation. Maybe even stand-alone example scripts. 
    43 This could be also a good project if you would like to learn more about Orange and data mining and machine learning itself. 
     41This could be also a good project if you would like to learn more about Orange, data mining and machine learning itself. 
    4543Useful skills: Proficiency in English (probably native speaker). Language/writing skills. Python.