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Google Summer of Code Ideas

Here is a list of ideas for projects we thought up for what would be interesting and useful to do in a course of Google Summer of Code program for Orange. Of course you can propose also some other (your) idea(s). But of course connected with Orange, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence in general, bioinformatics and other fields in which we are interested in (or you can get us interested in).

Time-series analysis

Orange currently lacks any  time-series analysis tools. It would be great to develop some basic tools for dealing with them: reading, normalizing, basic pattern search, some (auto-)correlation and similar basic techniques, and so on. Research what other similar applications support and think which features would be useful to have as a basic set of tools.

Useful skills: Python, data analysis experience, digital signal processing experience could also help

Type of work: coding

Level from 1 (beginner) to 5 (professional): 4