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Google Summer of Code

This page collects information about our participation in  Google Summer of Code as a mentoring organization.

Google Summer of Code is a Google-sponsored program where Google stipends students working for a summer job on an open source projects from all around the world. Student is paid $5000 (and a t-shirt!) for approximately two months of work/contribution to the project. Student should submit a proposal of his idea of contribution, for which some suggested ideas can be used as a basis. More about the program is available on  its homepage.

About Orange

Orange is an open source component-based data mining and machine learning software suite, featuring friendly yet powerful and flexible visual programming front-end for explorative data analysis and visualization, and Python bindings and libraries for scripting. It includes comprehensive set of components for data preprocessing, feature scoring and filtering, modeling, model evaluation, and exploration techniques. It is maintained and developed at the  Bioinformatics Laboratory of the  Faculty of Computer and Information Science,  University of Ljubljana,  Slovenia.


We are using web forum for discussions and contact with our users and others interested in Orange. You should post there (into General Discussion section) any questions, thoughts and so on you might have about GSoC. You can also try out development Skype chat where we sometimes hang around.

The best way to discuss your proposals is to submit them into the  Google Summer of Code system and we can then use comments there to discuss your proposals. You can continue working on your proposals after submission (but just until the deadline). In this way you will also not miss the deadline because your application will already be in the system.

Student applications

Application template is here.

After student application period be ready to be available for further questions regarding your applications and some tests of your coding and other skills. It is advisable that you submit in your application links to your possible existing contribution(s) to open source project(s) so that we can review them in advance.


List of some ideas.

Of course those ideas are open to work on also outside of the program. And of course we are interested in anything connected with Orange, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence in general, bioinformatics and other fields in which we are interested in (or you can get us interested in).