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Orange is tested automatically on our  continuous integration server on each push to  Bitbucket.


On Python 2.7 or newer run:

  • python -m unittest discover Orange/testing/unit/tests

On older Python versions run:

  • python -m unittest2 discover Orange/testing/unit/tests

Regression tests are now run automatically as part of the unittests. However, old convention regarding regression tests still apply. Regression tests for Orange25 are stored in:

  • Orange/testing/regression/tests - testing Orange25
  • Orange/testing/regression/tests_20 - testing backward compatibility
  • docs/reference/rst/code - testing reference scripts
  • docs/tutorial/rst/code - testing tutorial scripts

Test results are found in:

  • Orange/testing/regression/results_tests
  • Orange/testing/regression/results_tests_20
  • Orange/testing/regression/results_reference
  • Orange/testing/regression/results_tutorial