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Described on the rst documentation? page.


 EtherPad page


Classification methods (learners) are objects named with method followed by Learner:


Things to check/fix later

Aliases in C code to make?

  • Floating-point numbers and functions are formatted in a weird fashion when enumerating default function parameter values.
  • Base classes are determined inappropriately for our needs: for example, orange.RuleLearner is written (and linked) instead of its alias Orange.classification.rules.RuleLearner (or at least Orange.core.RuleLearner).

Refactoring tool

In orange directory there is a script

  • Use it like this (this will output a diff of proposed changes):
  • To overwrite the (a backup will be saved in use:
    python -w
  • To use an aggressive name changer add the '-a' flag (will fix names in the global and local scope, e.g. it will replace ExampleTable (without the orange. prefix) with and import the appropriate package (
    python -w -a
  • To write the changed script to a new file use '-o' argument
    python -w -o
  • For help type:
    python --help

Adding mapped names and modules

Currently there are only a few MAPPING definitions in the both fixers available. Add all changed names and moved modules to the appropriate file:

  • Add other mapped names to orange/fixer/ in the MAPPING global variable (For instance .. "orange.ExampleTable":"", ...)
  • Add mapped modules to orange/fixer/ in the MAPPING global variable (For instance ... "orngSVM": Orange.classification.svm", ...)

Still needs porting

  • orngIO
  • orngOutliers
  • orngCA
  • orngCI
  • orngEnviron -> (Podobno kot python site module, morda .conf)
  • orngAddOns ->
  • orngDimReduction, orngPCA -> Orange.projection.pca
  • orngInteract, orngInteractions
  • orngMCPrediction, orngMultiClass, orngMultivariatePrediciton
  • orngMySQL, orngSQL -> ( ?)
  • orngPade
  • orngProjectionPursuit
  • orngLinVis, orngLinVis,
  • orngScaleData, orngScaleLinProjData, orngScalePolyvizData, orngScaleScatterPlotData
  • orngVisFuncts, orngVizRank
  • orngMosaic
  • matutil, fileutil, (widgetParser??)
  • updateOrange
  • orngContingency, orngInteract, orngCRS, orng2Array, orngDimRed

Things that would be nice

  • replace all function constructors remaining with class itself (implementing the new method)